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flopped set, line check and value check 1/3

Bonezy Posts: 82Subscriber
My table image is a tag solid winning image. I start the hand with 360. I am covered by the only relevant player in the hand.

Im in mp and get dealt 2c2d. There are two limpers infront of me with shorter stacks. I limp behind. The button also limps who has me covered and is the main villian in the hand. He is an older guy who plays plo alot and is usually spwey (expecially when drinking). BB checks.

Flop is 2s3s8c. Checks to me. I bet 12(I think I could bet more and get called here because I feel like im going to get floated alot by overs and flush draws and one pair type hands). The button calls and all other players fold. The button has me covered.

Turn is Ac. I bet 25(again I think my sizing might be slightly off I think I can bet more). The button snap calls. His snap call leads me to believe he is on a draw. I dont think he has a set because I think he would have raise the flop or the turn.

River is As. I love this river. I feel like he made a flush or could have floated my flop bet with a naked ace. I think he will bet this river alot so I elect to check with the intention of raising for value. This is where my missed value question comes into play. Am I giving up too much value by checking here? I felt like he isnt going to check back all that often unless he has a naked 8 or just missed some gutter ball completly so why not give him a oppertunity to bluff since he isnt going to call my bet anyway? So I check and he bets 75. I c/r to 200. He snap goes all in for my last little bit and I call.

My overall questions about this hand is should I bet betting more on the flop/turn so my check raise on the river doesnt look that big compared to the pot? Am I losing too much value by going for the river check raise? Are there any alternate lines I can take here?
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