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Weirdest hand I've ever played

rannpb Posts: 1Subscriber
edited June 2015 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Effective stacks are $600 @ $1/$3

V is early thirties heavyset wearing a bass pro hat. He only sat down an orbit ago but I stereotype him as a rec player. He did request the seat change button as soon as he sat down.

V limps utg+1. Five limpers I check my option from bb with 6 9

Flop is q 8 3

Sb checks, hero bets $15. V calls, all else fold.

Turn is 7, so I pick up open ended. I check intending to check raise. V bets $20 into ~$45, I think for twenty or so seconds and make it $80. V thinks for ten seconds and calls.

River is j

I tank and bet $140. V calls relatively quickly and turns over a3o for a pair of threes. Thoughts on either line?


  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 2,009Subscriber
    I'm not a fan of leading this flop. On this fairly dry board, you're really going to have either a queen or a flush draw, capping you a bit. This also makes your turn line not believable. Are you leading a monster on the flop? What does the 7 on the turn do? You're looking so bluffy with this line. I think playing passively is the way to go. If you really want to "go for gold", then check/call flop, check/raise turn for maximum fold equity.

    As for villain's line, he probably should have folded the flop, but since he's still there on the turn, it's an easy call on his part, as the way you played your hand looks just like air.
  • chilidog Posts: 2,427Subscriber
    Tough to make a pur. I aint come here to fold a pur.
  • beauregard Posts: 1,592Subscriber
    agree with buck - your line looks uber bluffy:

    flop pot: 18
    you bet 15 (good bet), V calls

    turn pot: 48
    (here's where your betting line goes astray) you check. V bets 20 and you try to BLAST him out of the pot with a $80 raise?
    How is this check/raise ever for value? It's more of a "get out of my pot" bet... it's polarizing where you've either got a set or nothing. Since you didn't raise pre-flop, it's prolly not a set of Qs. And since he's got a 3, it's probably not that either. So you've either got 8 8, 8 8 or 8 8 or air/draw. (BTW, does he have the A?) Since you didn't raise preflop - we can also take out all the big Qs you think you're representing like AQ and KQ - so it seem odd that you would play your hand like this on the turn and not be concerned that your V's got this.

    river pot: 208
    You bet 140.
    in 1/3 games - guys that fearlessly bet the river are more likely to be bluffing than having the nuts. When you bet like you're not afraid of cards that come out (couldn't V have QJ here?) - your betting line looks less believable.

    try this:
    go back to the beginning of the hand - and imagine you've got AQ, 88, 77, QJ, T9 and K T - and invent betting lines for each (assuming V calls). How would your betting lines have changed? My guess is the betting line you took would not match any of these hands. And that's why V makes a hero call on the river.

    BTW... I never stereotype a player who asks for a seat-change button as a "rec player." True rec players don't care where they sit or who they sit next to. Typically, the more serious players are the ones that ask for seat-change buttons to get position on big stack fish or aggressive players.
  • KelbyMarvinKelbyMarvin Posts: 226Subscriber
    I agree with the above analysis for the most part. The simple answer here is that 1/3 NL is a magical land where people have no idea how to fold. For that reason it's usually better to just be playing draws more passively and planning to get paid off at the end. Playing hands for fold equity against mostly unknown players will probably be -EV.
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