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Short handed double straddle dynamics (first post)

Jon2306 Posts: 17Subscriber
Hi everyone. Been a member here now for a little over three months but haven't really played much poker untill this weekend. I found myself in a spot I've never been in before. It was five handed and I was on the button. As there ended up being a double straddle I was actually first to act. Blinds were £1/2

SB beginner with about £60. The BB was a mid 20's guy who talked a good game but was playing badly, paying off a lot he had about £200. The UTG straddle was youngish Asian guy who was desperate to get a double up. I had already stacked him twice with AA. Both of these was when he straddled and I was in the SB. Both occassions he 3bet me instantly and he shoved over over my 4 bet, 1 of these hands was AJs, the other we didn't see. He's at least £500 down and has £400 in front. The second straddle is the Sb's friend who again talks a good game but is playing better than his friend and seems a decent player to me he has £650. Hero has everyone covered on btn with A10o. What should hero do here?

Obviously folding would be silly but I struggled with what my bet sizing should be, with a more than usually bloated pot pre flop and was also unsure as what a plan would be if I got 3 bet by the first straddle? Would anyone limp the button here and see a flop with position 5 ways? (effective blinds for this hand were £1/2/4/8). Any thoughts appreciated


  • DavidChan Posts: 1,208Pro
    I would open-raise to £22 here with ATo on BTN versus a double straddle.
  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 2,009Subscriber
    Yeah £22-£25 sounds right. With the stack sizes and the straddles, it's no more than 75 BBs deep, so you may be stuck getting it in a bit lighter than normal. But ATo OTB is good enough to start building the pot in this situation. No point in getting cute with a limp or small raise.
  • Floyd Posts: 160Subscriber
    OOP I'd be more inclined to just call, saying that being only 5 handed I'd probably still bump it up. In position would definitely raise it up around £25
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