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A Big hand to go from loser to winner am I results oriented.

MrFizzbinMrFizzbin Posts: 356Subscriber
ok I've been on the bench for a while since getting hammered on my last trip out, I decided to go out and play last Friday. 1-2 good mix 1/2 good players 1/2 bad.

I dropped 1 buy in in a horrible bluff when this hand happened.

I have 240 in my stack, I'm in the BB with this action,

Bad player 50 bucks in his stack limps in utg+2, cut off that caught me bluffing has all in the hand covered raises to 20, small blind calls and it rolls over to me, I look down an find T T I think of raising but being out of position w 4 players if over cards come can I really lead out and get all 4 to believe the guy that just horribly bluffed. So I call fortunately the limper calls (thank god for bad players I mean who calls 20 out of 50 kind of fold or shove)

Pot 80
Flop. Q T 9 :r:

SB checks I decide to give the big raiser a shot to bet when the short stack shoves his 30 in, the original raiser makes it 60, the small blind check raises all in for 86. WTF I'm the guy with a set and I have 2 all ins and a cold raise. What now ?

Q1 ). What do you do and why?

I rule out calling immediately, it's strictly a fold or raise situation, the reason I rule out calling, because after the call I only have about 140 into a pot of 270, besides if I call and a scare card comes out I get no money from the only other source of cash. If I shove my 140, get called and I beat the last player I win about 40 bucks net on the hand if I lose the main but win the side.

I also figure I'm way ahead of the other remaining players range one of the shorties has the straight if it's out there and I'm way ahead of the original raisers range. The only hand he can have that beats me is QQ, so if he has QQ, so be it.

I shove, he calls the board runs out 9, 4 and my full house scoops

Q2) Shove ok ?


  • MrFizzbinMrFizzbin Posts: 356Subscriber
    Fwiw the original raiser had KK
  • the_machine Posts: 202Subscriber
    KJ and J8 beat you as well fwiw. But yeah the hand seem ok. Me personally, I would probably raise the flop myself as you could get a lot of value from a hand like QJ or AJ that might still tag along. Calling is fine as long as you are pretty certain that someone will raise behind because even if one just calls, what is your turn plan? Are you donk leading a 2? What about a K or an A?
  • JimPsaros Posts: 107Subscriber
    I play the hand differently, both preflop and on the flop.

    I'm definitely raising preflop with 10,10. The fact that you have been caught bluffing before makes it an even better spot to raise here. Most likely you have the best hand now, so go for value. Crank it to $100 and let's see how many callers you get. I suspect you'll either be heads up, with an opponent playing fit or fold, or take it down now. I think either is a good outcome.

    Anyway giving you flatted pre, once you flop the set I think you should bet out. You are definitely going to get called (or raised) by worse, and you'll be making the draws pay. Try and get money into the pot now, before other scare cards come out.

    Once again given you checked the flop I think you have to shovel all your chips in once the raise and re raise have happened.
  • flyingtriangleflyingtriangle Posts: 101Subscriber
    I like flatting as opposed to 3betting pre. In my experience at 1/2 a large (10x+) open is very often JJ+, sometimes AK/AQs, and it seems like 3betting against that range with TT accomplishes very little. With the extra dead money in the pot I think we're deep enough to basically set mine here.

    On the flop I think arguments can be made for leading out instead of checking, but either way it seems like a pretty obvious spot to get your stack in the middle.
  • MrFizzbinMrFizzbin Posts: 356Subscriber
    I was actually torn between folding and calling pre flop because utg + 2 was soooo short and 20 was such a large percentage of his stack, the only reason I called because was I thought utg+2 wasn't sophisticated enough to recognize how committed he was and shove opening the door for the big stack to 4 bet re-raise...which would really push me out,
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