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Top two vs competent villain check raise triple barrel

So I played this hand last night and felt fairly confident in my play but just wanted to run it past some others as I think its a very interesting spot.
2/5 game at Borgata Effective stacks around 1k
Villain is a late 20s competent reg who also recognizes that hero is a competent reg.
Hero opens to 20 with AQoff from mp. Button calls, villain calls in sb and bb also calls.
Pot is 100 and the flop is AQJrainbow. Checks to hero who bets 40 into 80. Button folds and sb check raises to 80.
I think its pretty clear this is a value raise as there isn't really an obvious draw on the board and sizing seems to be valuey. I don't think I have a 3 betting range on this board given the pre flop action. If he has AJ I think raising only gives him a chance to make a good fold.
I call and turn is 7s bringing backdoor spades. I don't have a spade in my hand and the J is the other spade. He leads 120 and I decide to call again. I think his range is basically all two pair combos, possibly JJ if he chooses not to 3 bet that and K10s. Depending on the river and his sizing I may raise river for value.
River is 5s. He tanks for a bit and bets 325. I won't say what my thoughts are or the results as I would like to hear others input.
by 1DrBurro


  • Polarized Posts: 195Subscriber
    Hard to comprehend that he is doing this with AJ given you actions to the river.

    I think calling the check raise is fine and calling turn. On the river, I think upon evaluation, I can find a fold and expect to be up against One of the 4 combos of K10 or one of the 3 combos of JJ.

  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 2,009Subscriber
    How does villain think you would play AK in this spot? If he thinks you're going to take this line with AK, then he can be betting AJ and KQ in addition to KT and JJ.

    I like your line thus far, and call the river getting 2.5:1. He has enough worse hands to be able to make that call (assuming he thinks you have AK in your range).
  • Smoeseph Posts: 25Subscriber
    I think I can definitely play AK this way. The problem is, I don't think this is ever a bluff given the flop action. So are there any value hands he is really betting for this size that I beat? I think the answer is no so I actually folded pretty confidently. I actually hate his river sizing against me if it is with a nutted hand. He is trying to make his range look polar on the river when the flop action skews his range to just made hands.
  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 2,009Subscriber
    If AK is a large part of your range, and villain knows this, tell me again why he can't bet QJ or AJ here? That's not a bluff - it is a value bet.
  • HavaxHavax Posts: 65Subscriber
    The board smacks your preflop raising range and you've bet/called 2 streets. I seriously doubt he's sticking in $325 with AJ on the river thinking he's got you crushed. I'd fold river. Possibly even turn.
  • workinghard Posts: 1,568Subscriber
    Why do you think you can raise the river for value but not the flop? I like calling flop and raise/folding turn. Perhaps raise to 320. If he calls and checks river, bet 500-allin
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