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Rivered 2nd Nut Flush and facing an All In on River

1/2 Live Game
Effective stack is about $185. I have everyone covered.

Hero SB
Villian 1 UTG
Villian 2 CO

Villian 1 raises to $10
Villian 2 calls
Hero in SB calls with :Qd :Td

Flop: :Jd :Ts :7d

Hero bets $15
Villian 1 calls
Villian 2 calls

Turn: :7s

Hero checks
Villian 1 bets out $25
Villian 2 calls
Hero calls

River: :Kd
So final board: :Jd :Ts :7d :7s :Kd

I make 2nd nut flush draw. Pot is approx $150.
I bet out $50
Villian 1 folds
Villian 2 - moves all in for $182

Its now to me at $132 more to call.
What would you do?


  • Bandgeek Posts: 140Subscriber
    As played I call. You'd have to be alot deeper to fold in this spot IMO.

    Personally I think this hand is hard to play from out of position, plus stacks aren't really deep enough, so you end up playing an awkward line because you don't know where you stand (lead flop, check/call turn, bet and then tank to raise on river)

    Better to pitch this into the muck preflop and wait to play a hand like this in position.
  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 2,004Subscriber
    Yeah, this is a fold preflop. Draws are so hard to play out of position, and that is the kind of hand you're going to end up with more often than not.

    I actually called in to Crush Live Call Ins with a similar hand last week, and Bart suggested a check/raise on the turn. It is going to look so strong, and a jack will have a hard time coming along. We will also have a bunch of equity if called. It is a high-variance line, but one that is pretty profitable.

    As played, you're not deep enough to fold this river. There are still worse flushes in V2s range.
  • sunfish77 Posts: 7Subscriber
    Thanks everyone for your feedback.

    I realized that I played this hand horribly and made the following mistakes:
    1) should have folded preflop
    2) should have bet more on flop or CR'ed to define hand and extract value

    Anyway, after going in the tank, I eventually called and V2 showed :Kc :7c for a runner runner boat.

    V2 is an Asian player and a very loose preflop player and not a good player so I called thinking that there could have been a lot of lower flushes in his range and did not see any boats that he could have slowed played - at the time, I didn't even think K7 could have been in his range
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