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$5/$10 Deep 3Way Preflop Spot With AKs

Hello guys, this hand messed my head a bit since i didnt expect that kind of action...
I have a loose and aggro winning image.I have been winning lot of hands before the hand in question without showdown.
UTG+1 who is standard tight/passive opens 40$ from , +2 and MP1 loose/passive both call, Villain totally unknown(sat down a while ago,early 30s,bought in for 2500 (game is uncapped) in MP2 calls rather quickly,folds to me , i 3b to 185$ OBTN with AsKs.BB who is a mid 40s guy(kind of loose and sticky but definitely not a fish.) cold calls 185$ with 1100$ behind.Folds to MP2 who thinks for a while and makes it 420$.....effective stacks are 2.2k...

So, given the preflop action and my recent image my first instinct is that villain has more bluffs than value there.But i still have a player behind me who is pair heavy... What do u think is the best option here ? 4b small / fold , 4b / call , flat (we have position with deep stacks and we probably dominate his bluffing range, but we can induce a call from BB) , fold ?????


  • DavidChan Posts: 1,208Pro
    Assuming that BB called your 3bet quickly (and therefore did not consider a 4bet), then I would 5bet to $1.1k.
  • chris_9090chris_9090 Posts: 101Subscriber
    DavidChan said:
    Assuming that BB called your 3bet quickly (and therefore did not consider a 4bet), then I would 5bet to $1.1k.
    David in that case are we 5bet/calling if BB folds to our raise ? If villains 6B shoving range is only KK,AA then we are breakeven to call and slightly -EV considering that rake in this game is 3% uncapped. Can we get away with smaller 5b sizing(like 900$) considering that the 4bettor is probably polarised and has never a 6bet bluff range and also the BB's calling range doesnt change facing a 900$ or 1100$ 5bet.
    Also how you proceed in a HU scenario (it folds back to main villain preflop, who makes it 420$)

  • workinghard Posts: 1,568Subscriber
    AA and KK is such a tiny part of his range. There is a raise and 2 callers and he overcalls with AA or KK pre? KK I can dismiss and unless he somehow knew someone was going to 3 bet after him, which doesn't sound like he does, I don't see him overcalling with AA. His range is skewed towards bluffs or medium pocket pairs in my mind. Or AK hands which you beat since you are suited. The benefit of a 5bet is to get the sticky player to fold and play your hand heads up. He likely has a pair but if there is a chance he has anything else like QJs, etc, then I would want to raise him. I think a smaller 5bet to like $900 would be fine to play the hand heads up vs villain. And I don't see folding to a 6 bet. The benefit of a larger 5-bet pre is that you are less likely to misplay the hand post flop. So I suppose depending on how confidently you can correctly play post flop if you miss with AK will determine if you should make a smaller or larger 5bet.
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