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2/5 @ local casino wtih KK Preflop

puggle Posts: 13Subscriber
hero= has played at the table for 30min. lots of action at the table, players like to 3 bet.. for what I saw in the short time.

Hero= UTG bets $25 with KdKh gets called by MP and CO
Villain In BB 3 bets to $95
Stack sizes. Hero has $700 MP $900 CO $340 BB $550

What is Hero's play after BB 3 bets to $95? Just call to get value from other hands or 4 bet?


  • tensor0910 Posts: 123Subscriber
    Read less this is difficult. A 3! Into 3 opponents OOP looks like massive strength. And his sizing to me looks like he doesn't mind action. I think I would 4! To 265 and fold to a shove. If V sees us 4! I highly doubt he's shoving with QQ, and it's hard for him to have AK.

    Another option is to flat and evaluate a flop, but the problem with this is Mp is deep, so when he likely flats you're playing a pot 4 ways. The good news is, most V's 3! flatting ranges will be pocket pair heavy, so they're most likely playing fit or fold OTF. If the flop were to come, let's say, 9TQ I'm playing very cautiously and am ready to fold to ramped aggression.

    our 3rd option of course is to just gii vs this 100 ish BB stack and hope he doesn't have AA, but I'm conservative so I would probably go with option 1.
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