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TastesLikeBurning Posts: 429SubscriberProfessional
$2/5, $1000 max, $750 effective, villain covers.

Villain is a loose, passive mid-40's Mexican male. Pretty straight-forward, bets when he has it, checks back when he don't. Can be a bit stationy with marginal, made hands. Looks like he's been at it all night and has about $1500 behind.

Hero has been taking shots at $2/5 when the game is good. Haven't played many hands, haven't shown down much. Did have one hand vs. villain where hero iso'ed two weak limpers from the HJ with KJo and the villain in the following hand 3-bet to $70 from the BB. Hero folded and didn't show.


Villain straddles UTG. UTG +1 and 2 limp along with a MP limper.
Hero limps behind in the CO with 66. The table was pretty sticky post so I elected to limp behind. With something like 88-99 I raise for value but I'm okay with playing small ball with a more marginal pocket pair.
BTN and SB fold, the BB calls and the straddler checks.

Flop ($60)

Field checks to hero who bets $45.
Straddler calls and MP calls - he's a loose, gambly mid-40's black male.

Turn ($195)
9, bringing in back door hearts.

Checks to hero who bets $100.
Straddler calls, MP folds.

River ($395)
2 of not hearts.

Villain checks.
Can (and should) the hero bet the river?


  • KelbyMarvinKelbyMarvin Posts: 226Subscriber
    edited July 2015
    A bet is probably better often than not in this spot. Bet as much as you think he'll call with a hand like A5. If you think you can overbet shove and he'll call with worse enough of the time, thinking it looks like a bluff, then do it!
  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,086Subscriber

    For sure at least one if not more of these players has a 4.. I see this all the time.. players call with oesd because they think if they hit they will get paid off. Of course it will put out a four card straight on the board but they dont care.

    Vs range is alot of 4s with pairs 42 43 45 also Ax hands like A2 A3 A5 etc.. 77s maybe 88s.. depends on what you might have seen him check his straddle. Many straddlers will raise with pairs as big as 77-88 and certainly with bigger pairs

    ... when villain checks the river he probably has the pair plus straight draw range so I am going to bet small to get value from that range. I would bet $100 same bet your made on the turn.. he called that bet I think he would be too tempted to not call given how juicy the odds you are laying him.

    by 1Floyd
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