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3/5 NL JK. Flopped FD cs. LAGgro

V in the hand raises preflop 6-7x . Huge stack and is gambly. Saw him call pf. Raise 45 v another guy. QK7 flop.
V donkey 65 pfr calls. T turn blank river checks till SD. V guy has JJ Vucks. He has 800 ish covers me. 500 effective.


active old man raises PF 25. Laggro calls I call SB JKcc.

Flop comes 87 x cc. I check. Old man checks
Laggro. Bets 45 I c/r 110. OLD man folds Laggro calls.

300 ish - As turn. I lead 85. He jams I call.

I thought a c/r would look really strong here and I have equity to the most likely nuts. The turn donk was a huge mistake IMO and the river call even worse. Alternate line please?


  • WarmPieWarmPie Posts: 146Subscriber
    edited July 2015
    Check-raise bigger and maximize your f/e on the flop. Your turn bet was also too small imo. I might make it $160-$170 and jam turn if u think he's capable of folding an over pair on certain turns if you miss. After he calls your check raise, what hands do you put him on?
  • tensor0910 Posts: 123Subscriber
    In hindsight, after he calls my c/r he could have FDs, Axcc, middle pairs or even air. Turn was spew.....no ranging involved. Foolish to try and bluff a LAGgro.
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