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AQs on btn...tp w nfd.. any reason to raise here?

Drew5harkDrew5hark Posts: 575Subscriber
2/3/5 at Bay 101
Stack sizes - HJ - 465
Hero covers
Other players in hand are all 400-1000 deep

Hero has had villain's number all night and villain is down from 1500 to under 500. He plays his hands reasonably well but is playing too many hands and calling in bad spots pre and playing a lot of guessing games in his post flop play. He hasn't played a huge pot and his raising range with players in the pot is pretty tight. I've seen him over limp utg+2 in a straddled pot w AJs earlier; as the aggressor he plays his hands pretty well for value postflop. He probably views me as reasonably tight but running good.

2 Limpers, HJ raises to 25, CO calls, HERO calls on BTN with A Q UTG calls 25, UTG +1 calls 25 MP calls 25.

FLOP (~150) A J 3 Checks to villain who bets 80, HJ folds, Hero calls 80 all others fold.
TURN (~310) 4 HJ bets 130 and has 220 left, HERO calls.
RIVER (~570) Q HJ bets 200, Hero raises allin for 20 more, HJ snap calls hero is good.

Questions; Preflop-- I am likely ahead of HJ and COs range so AQs is good enough to three bet. I probably 3 bet here around 50% of the time. Is this too tight?
FLOP - The main question here is- what factors determine if I should just call or raise with the monster flop. I felt villain could easily have AK or AJ here and anything else I crush. If villain isn't betting AT this way than is a call ok, especially with players behind and postion?
TURN - He's obviously got something here or a spade draw himself....Can I just call and assess the river?


  • StarwarsJediMasterStarwarsJediMaster Posts: 741Subscriber
    I like the flat call pre too , but will 3bet about half the time too, depends on the opener. I like just a call from the pre flop raiser ontheflop, turn is fine too. river is a fold if we don't improve vs rec players.
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