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3 bet pot OOP

Floyd Posts: 160Subscriber
edited July 2015 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Villan in the hand is a Lag and has been walking over the table raising many many hands. Everyone is not fighting back so he keeps going. Which is fair enough. When he has been in position and an opponent re raises him he has been calling and seeing flops. Feels he can out play opponents a lot IP. And is very capable of applying a lot of pressure.

2/4 $500 effective stacks

Villan raise to 20 over 2 limps OTB
Hero re raise to 60 in SB with K Q ,V calls

My raise here was strictly for value I'm not expecting him to fold and I don't want him to. I am crushing a lot of his range.

J J 3 (120)
Going off what we know of V what are you doing on the flop first to act?


  • DrGambol Posts: 724Subscriber
    I'd probably double barrel a lot of turns. Second option is to x/f. Some guys will raise light to rep trips but not everyone. I'd expect to get floated on the flop a lot, so I would never Cbet once and give up. It's just a pretty bad board for you since you probably don't 3 bet a lot of Jx and he probably calls a lot of Jx.
  • Floyd Posts: 160Subscriber
    Can you go for a c/r here?
  • DavidChan Posts: 1,208Pro
    Cbet flop. I would probably 3bet over a raise sometimes. If he calls, I would often double barrel good turns, and I will sometimes double barrel/CR a blank turn if I had a live read that he was floating flop.
    by 1Floyd
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