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Deep 1/2 -- Headphone clown versus suit clown (me)

DMillsDMills Posts: 4Subscriber
My first post here...

I came from work event wearing suit jacket etc so I'm aware of my image as guy just playing for fun on a weeknight. 1/2 $200 cap in Cleveland and have built stack to about $600.

Headphone guy shows up late night and sits to my left with about $800...he acts super confident/badass etc etc. I know he's here to get into pots w me. We get into following spot after about 45 mins...he's never seen me bluff or do anything out of line.

Folded to me on button. I have A:d: 7:s: and make it $10. He is in SB and calls. Heads up. ($23)

Flop is J:h: 2:s: 6:h:

He donks $20 immediately. I think he is maybe on flush draw, just BSing, or has monster (less likely). So I make it $60, thinking he will have to take that seriously (I probably am also in the mindset that this dude isn't going to just push me around). He immediately stacks out a call. ($140).

Turn is K:c:

He checks. I bet $65. (Is he on draw or just trying to mess w me? Etc?). He asks what I have left and then quickly calls. ($270).

River is T:d:

He leads out for $100.

What's my play???


A. Dude, stick to your day job and stop messing w headphone guys at 12am in dumb spots like this with ace rag.

B. Just fold, the gig is up. He isn't betting that small with a bluff and knowing you will call.

C. Call, this guy is a bigger clown that you are.

D. Shove for your remaining $400 or whatever it is. That'll teach him to mess with you---even if you look insane shoving into a set and fit the definition of the bum in "bumhunting."

I don't know yet how to hide the "reveal" of what occurred. So I'll post later unless I figure it out.

Appreciate any thoughts.


  • DMillsDMills Posts: 4Subscriber
    How do I show the suits properly? I thought it was with the colons.
  • DMillsDMills Posts: 4Subscriber
    Oh. Spacing.
  • DrGambol Posts: 724Subscriber
    You could just fold the flop. I don't really see any reason to get involved with a weak ace high with no backdoor equity when he pots the flop.

    I think floating would be an option if we had a backdoor flush draw, if we had two overs, if we had 3 to a straight, if we had a low pair that could improve, etc. With A7o and no backdoor flush, we pretty much have 3 outs to beat Jx.

    It's also not like we're totally getting exploited by folding a raggy ace high here. We can defend enough of our range to make up to where he can't bluff any two cards if we defend all our Jx, middle pairs, bottom pair, draws, and float our stronger backdoor equity or overcards hands. I just think we'd be over defending if we defend this light. It would create an opposite effect to where instead of us getting bluffed all the time when he leads, we are instead paying him off every time he leads top pair.
  • beauregard Posts: 1,592Subscriber
    yah - it's card space colon suit letter colon

    i'd bet bigger preflop
    then I might peel one off on the flop
    and hope a big card comes that I can represent
    if he donks into me on the turn, i'm done with the hand
    so my answer is:
    A. Ace rag ain't worth bluffing with. you rep nothing.
  • DrGambol Posts: 724Subscriber
    beauregard said:

    i'd bet bigger preflop
    Its 1/2, so he did 5x it. I don't really see any need to raise larger. I actually prefer raising smaller if we're going to be opening the button wide. It really opens us up to being 3 bet a lot from a younger headphones guy. We also risk a lot less on our steals.
  • DMillsDMills Posts: 4Subscriber
    Good thoughts. I def shouldn't be in this spot in first place....just wanted to try to outplay him (leak). But then I psyched myself out when he bet small on river...I tanked and then my last thought was: he knows I'm not folding, so he must have something here...so I mucked.

    Reveal: He showed 34o for a missed gutter and total air basically.

    So it occurred to me later that actually a shove or raise is possible at the end to fold out any time he caught some random piece.

    Again, answer is A, but the river got me all messed up. I might have even called if he bet bigger.
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