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best line given the dynamics

Hero has winning image up to1k to1k in the first hour. Villian lost 400 to me 20min ago.

6Ways25 button iso to 25
Hero in sb(99)
Flop 447r(150)
Hero bet 70, tom(loose passive spot)field caller calls70
(190)Turn 2 bd hearts hero?
Checks through. Thoughts?
River 7 hero? Iam opp by the way.


  • Floyd Posts: 160Subscriber
    What are effective stacks?
    Turn I think is a bet around $120 -$150. Any 7 is calling 76 87 75, 8's are calling, back door are calling, 65 is calling. Plenty of hands to get value from.
    Looking at the range I just mentioned it doesn't look like you are really beating much here. If Villan would bluff his 65 and all his missed FDs you could possibly check call. If you bet I can't see you getting called by worse. If he doesn't bluff his missed draws much it is a check fold.
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