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To thin? 1/2 NL

WilburTrey Posts: 44Subscriber
edited July 2015 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
This is my first hand I have played at the table a few rotations have passed so I have a pretty tight image so far. But I mean What can you do when you get 2-7 4 times early lol. Anyway to the hand.

Villain in the hand has been in 12 of the 15 hands I have been at the table for, he plays draws alot, isn't very aggressive with made hands.

I get dealt A 10 in the BB. UTG1 open limps, Villian limps in middle postion, Cut off limps, Button limps, SB completes, I check.

Pot is 12
Flop comes K104 :r: K is

SB checks, I donk bet 8 dollars. UTG folds, Villian calls, Cut off folds, Button folds, SB folds.

Pot is 28

Turn is 2 completing the rainbow.

I lead out for 14

Villain tanks for a while and calls.

Pot is 50~ after rake

River is a 7

I bet 30 and Villain folds 99 face up.

Question is with the King on the flop, was I value betting to thin? Should I have ever checked.

Should I have raised Pre-flop or was checking in the BB ok with A10 suited?

I know leading into 4 others on the flop is a bit crazy, however, I thought my image might allow me to take down the pot and start to build a winning image. I still would be in position to fold to a raise, or slow down to multiple callers.



  • Floyd Posts: 160Subscriber
    You have a lot of backdoor draws. Spade on the turn. Q or J gives you a gutshot. Ace gives you aces up. It is definitely thin. A bet on the flop will protect you from hands like Q9 J8 if Q or J comes on the turn. But if someone has QJ for open ended. If Q orJ comes you're beat. If A comes you're beat. K is always calling.
    I'm suprised 99 even called flop and turn.
    Yeah this is way to thin. Better off checking. No point betting

    Checking in BB is fine. You have a lot of limping hands crushed. All Tx hands, smaller flushes smaller Ax
    You can raise here $15-20 pre but you can quite easily get yourself into tough spots OOP.

    I think just checking and seeing a flop is best
  • Floyd Posts: 160Subscriber
    Much prefer check flop. When checked round you can now bet turn and river and get Tx hands to call and straight draws to call.
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