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Good spot to bluff Multiway?

Floyd Posts: 160Subscriber
edited July 2015 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Game is 2/4 $400 effective stacks

V1 is a good player. Have played with him several times. He doesn't get out of line and is pretty tight. Is capable of makibg big folds and big buffs (normally semi bluffs) most of the time he has the goods. Early into a session I have been playing for 1 hour. My image is tight as I still have my intial buy in.

V1 raises over 1 limper in UTG +1 to $15
(Which I think was on the small side considering there is 1 limper already)

He gets called in 4 spots behind and it is on hero in BB with 8 8. Hero calls

Flop J 7 5 (90)

Checked to V who bets $25
3 callers behind it is on Hero.

What does everyone think about raising here and representing a set?
I believe even if V has AA we can pit him under a lot of pressure and I still don't think he can call. He has played a lot against me on 1/3 where I played a super nitty game because of shirt stack sizes and he has seen this play from me before and I've always had a set.

As for the players behind, they have only called. It's possible of one of them slow playing a set here but unlikely I think. We also have two blockers to one of the straight draws

My main question is do you think this would be a winning play and what size would you raise to?


  • Bandgeek Posts: 140Subscriber
    I like it, nobody has shown any real strength yet.

    V1 bet 25 into 90 (lol) and nobody inbetween raised, most of them could be calling with air/overs/naked gutshots/etc.

    Pot is 190 but I wouldnt want to pot it and commit half my stack here. 125 has a nice ring to it.
    by 1Floyd
  • DrGambol Posts: 724Subscriber
    What do I think about raising to rep a set? Good luck. I'm not really into bluffing and repping super narrow ranges without a read that he's folding this spot.

    However, I'm fine with raising this flop in situations like his to make Jx behind fold and protect my equity against his garbage that he cbets less than 1/3rd pot with. In this spot, with everyone folding but the limper, I'd rather just call and see turns.

    I really don't see why you are fixated on repping sets and putting pressure on AA though given what has happened. You said his raise pre was small and he Cbet tiny. These are not consistent with big hands at all.
  • Floyd Posts: 160Subscriber
    DrGambol we do have reads on V and I think he would fold KK QQ and maybe even AA. I'm pretty sure he folds all Jx hands. You're right his bet sizing doesn't indicate strength and all the flat calls behind don't either.

    Why would you rather just call and see turns?
    My thoughts are no one has shown any real strength. If I re raise here is this ever not a set?
    It is a very strong play. More reason the bluff will work. That was my thought process
  • DrGambol Posts: 724Subscriber
    Misread the action. I thought the people behind folded. Raising isn't terrible but I'd probably just fold with 88. I'd prefer to bluff a hand that has more equity. Even raising KQ here has overcards in case someone decides to get stubborn with Jx. 88 just has 2 outs.

    I still don't think villain ever has an overpair when he bets so small. But raising to get a jack to fold that called his Cbet would just depend on their tendencies. I know some nits that would fold with that action and some fishy guys that would never fold.
    by 1Floyd
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