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Was my sizing too big?

2/5 NL..V1 was a guy in his mid 60's and I had played with him a few times before and played pretty abc-nothing fancy raised his good hands etc..had$225. V2 was a pretty aggressive player who check/raised very large with top pair etc..ex"9/5/2 :r: " reraised someone who had bet $45 and he check raised to $155 with 9/10..had played with before and had some good tells on him-$900 stack.. Hero had tight image and had not played many hands nothing had gone to showdown and had been at the table for about an hour and had $600.

V1 Raises $15 UTG and V2 calls in MP4,CO calls and I come along on the btn with 2 2 along with the SM ($350) and BB calling ($600).

Flop is A 7 2 .UTG V1 bets $50 and V2 calls-Pot is now $190..CO folds and I raise $150 more on top for a total of $200 and the pot is $390..I did this pretty much knowing that UTG/V1 had something betting into 6 people and was committed for the rest of his chips..the sm and big blind folded and V2 took a while and said ' you've played like 3 hands ' and folded an ACE and said he had AK but I dont think he did and was hollywooding and the UTG showed AK and I won the hand.My take-away from all this and all of the discussions I have read are always for a larger bet than what I have usually made in the past and just thoughts on the sizing really,6 players/ the 2 clubs on the board etc....


  • Bandgeek Posts: 140Subscriber
    so did UTG call and everyone else folded? or did everyone fold?

    this may have been a tad much. the only draw you have to price out is the clubs, 150 would have done that. remember you want the club draw to call, just at the wrong price.

    betting half pot gives V 3 to 1 and with most draws they need 4 to 1 or better, so you dont have to bomb it.

    You want to bet enough to get your full $600 stack in by the end. Raising to 150 and getting 1 caller would leave you 435 behind and the pot would be 500, so you wont have any problem getting stacks in here. 2 callers and the pot is over 600 so you can just shove on turn.
  • Floyd Posts: 160Subscriber
    I don't think this is too much. Pretty standard I think. It's only $100 more for him to call. He's getting 4:1! If he has a big Ace his not folding. If he has a good club draw his not folding. If it was just heads up I guess you could raise slightly smaller like $125 but sometimes you're just never getting value because V doesn't have much of a hand.
    I think you played it fine and bet sizing is fine aswell.
  • beauregard Posts: 1,592Subscriber
    V bets 50 and you make it 200?
    most folks raise a bettor to 3X - so 150 would have been more standard.
    but i don't like the raise here.
    think about it: V1 raised from UTG and then bet the A-high flop. What do you think he's doing this with? K Q? Maybe. But most likely against 3 players UTG would not bet his flush draw.
    now V2 may have a flush draw - but what are his odds of hitting it? 9 outs times 2= 18%-ish... (because we make our move on the turn) he hits his hand less than 1 out of 5 times. Why can't we call here?

    Was listening to a Bart/Galfond interview where Phil says: "When you find your perceived range to be too strong, you should bluff more and value bet less. And when you find your perceived range to be too weak, you need to bluff less and value bet more" - meaning, if you're a tight nitty guy - don't raise with nutted hands because you'll scare away your opponents! the fact that you got your Vs to fold AK means you're playing really tight! And you should bluff more! :wink:

    I think I call the flop. There are just 9 cards we hate. the rest of the deck is our friend.
    I "gamble" that a don't hit... and even if it does, we got outs.
    We're in position.
    Even if say a 8 hits the turn - and it goes check/check - we can still make sure that we get a value bet in.

    But as played - I think 200 is too big. It looks like someone hit a monster on the flop and is afraid of getting out drawn. I think you lost value.
  • Latrell1515 Posts: 235Subscriber
    There was a V 1 who bet $50 on the flop and then a second V 2 who called making the pot $190-there is still the SM,BB to act afterwards..then UTG V 1 and V2 have to end up making a decision..Yes the UTG did end up calling with the AK-I think V2 was full of shit when he said he also had AK-he woulda raised the original raiser-just his style..Looking back I think $130-$150 would have been a good bet...The turn ended up being a Q just a fyi if I had just called..I'm not that nitty..lol..Glad people perceive that though :)
  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 2,009Subscriber
    With UTG leading that flop and getting one caller, I'm definitely raising. I don't like the slowplay "gamble", especially with an ace on board. AK/AQ are rarely folding in that spot. I think your sizing was just fine. NH.
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