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2/5NL A few hands from last session

El_Jefecito Posts: 119SubscriberProfessional
edited July 2015 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Hand 1)
1st hand I play of my session
Villain in SB I have played with a couple times, I have seen him play pretty aggressive post flop in the past, willing to put pressure on players when checked to with air / weak showdown hands

Effective $500, I open J J to $20 UTG, MP, SB, BB call

Flop ($80) Q Q 9 checks to me I bet 60, sb calls

Turn ($200) T sb checks, I check

River ($200) 5 sb bets $100, Hero?

This is a very common situation that I have the most trouble with, I am preflop and flop aggressor but get bet into on river from oop opponent with marginal hand

I wasn't sure if this hand was worth cbetting flop with 3 others in hands but I figured my range is strong opening from Utg, the board isn't super wet, and I can get value from 9x, TT, and straight draws as well as being 2nd last to act so I decided to go for some flop value. Turn I contemplated firing a 2nd barrel as we pick up some equity but didn't think I would really be getting much value from anything so decide to check it back and keep pot small. River was not really sure what to make of opponents bet. I didn't put opponent on a lot of Qx here as I thought he would raise flop to set up stacks, however there is not a lot I beat besides KT, JT, and 9x

Hand 2)
Effective $400, I open A A to $20 utg, hj and bb call

Flop ($60) K Q 3 I bet $40, hj calls

Turn ($140) 3 I bet $85, hj calls

River ($310) 4 Hero?

Villain had been playing pretty tight preflop and post flop, on river here I think we are good a vast majority of time so I thought going for 3 streets of value here is no problem. We are only really losing to KK, QQ, and 33 that I could honestly put in villains range and crushing all his Kx hands as we counterfeit KQ on turn. Two questions 1) did I miss value on turn with my bet of $85 and 2) As played what should river bet sizing be to get opponent to call with Kx?

Hand 3)
Effective $1k btn straddle, sb limps, I hold A K in BB I complete. only because Btn is aggressive 5/10 reg who I felt was going to open his straddle and I did not feel like playing a bloated pot out of position, of course he checks his straddle

Flop ($30) A 7 T sb leads for $25, I call, btn folds

Turn ($80) 5 sb bets $75, I call

River ($230) A sb bets $150, hero?

Preflop I definitely think this is an open in retrospect but obviously at the time I didn't think so nor was I on my A game during this session. Flop I contemplated raising for value from worse Ax but decided to just call, Turn I was concerned with opponents pot sized bet as he had not shown to do this in previous orbits which led me to believe he was pretty strong here, obviously river is a good card for us but I was torn between a call and raise here. I though this villain who is same from hand one opens AQ, maybe AJ, he could have some suited Ax in his sb limp range but $150 is a pretty sizeable bet amount which leads me to believe he is strong here and going for value, Flush draws and 89 do miss here so not really sure what the best decision is here



  • Floyd Posts: 160Subscriber
    Hand 1
    I think you are missing value on the turn. If he did call with JT or KT he is calling the turn. You bet flop and checked turn so he could be betting all 9x and Tx hands. I think it is a call. If we bet turn and get raised we can fold

    Hand 2
    I don't think you missed much value on the turn. Maybe $15 $20 more you could've bet
    Half pot on the river and I think all Kx hands will call

    Hand 3
    I think you should go for gold and raise here. Make it like $450, if he comes over the top its an easy fold. You can get value from a lot of Ax hands. If he has a missed draw you win anyway
  • beauregard Posts: 1,592Subscriber
    edited July 2015
    alright - I'll take a shot to get the discussion going - although @DrGambol will probably disagree with my lines... :frown:

    Hand 1:
    Flop: Q Q 9
    you raised preflop and got called in 3 spots. I think your pfr is on the small side - esp being utg. but whatever.
    on the flop, would you bet AQ or KQ here? I doubt it. most folks wouldn't.
    so what does betting the flop do? it confirms to the table that you don't have a Q.
    me? I'd check the flop - especially since you've only got one player behind you.
    when you bet, you're probably only getting called by a Q and then, you're probably checking to get to showdown. I prefer a delayed c-bet.
    If JT gets there - than so be it. But with us having two Js - odds are your Vs really can't call a pfr from oop with JT. right?
    As played - I fold the river. sb looks to be trying to get value from his hand - and it would be odd that he's doing that with a T or 9. Although possible since you played it weak. (Again why I like the delayed c-bet)

    Hand 2:
    again, in our games - utg raises range from 20-40. I'd prefer a 25-30 bet since you're oop.
    I like your flop and turn sizing. I guess you could have made your turn bet 105-ish.
    But what you did is good which would keep in KQ, AK, AQ, TT, K X and other such hands.
    River should be 'bout half pot. 150-ish. Giving V the right odds to call with his K.
    BTW - I'd take sets and boats off your V's range when he's simply check/calling. Although if he jammed the river - I guess, then, it's obvious he's best and it'd be a bet fold - cuz 99% of LLNL players aint got the guts to bluff raise the river.

    Hand 3:
    I like the limp. And calls.
    As played, you're allowing sb to keep his entire range in - which include weaker Aces.
    Yeah, if you raised (in hindsight) you might have gotten him to fold out A5 and A7, which you lose to... but maybe not!
    Since there are so many hand that crush you (A7, AT, A5, 55, 77, TT) and so many hands that you crush (AQ, AJ, A9...) ... my head would spin trying to calculate how many combos times the frequency plus the bluff spaz minus the card removals... etc. etc. etc - 150 to win 380... seems like a no-brainer. You're getting max value from a worse Ace while I believe you're losing the min with trip aces... so it's a combo call!
    I don't think you'll get called by worse if you raise (WA/WB).

    hope this helps.
  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 2,009Subscriber
    Hand 1 - It's close between c-betting and checking 4 ways. I'm probably betting to get value from 9x and straight draws, but I can see merits for checking. I'm betting the turn in position as well. That Ten turns some hands into pair+SDs (JT, JT, 89) that we can get value from. As played, I'm absolutely calling the river. If I'm in villain's shoes, I'm going for thin value with Tx against your line.

    Hand 2 - Everything looks good to me through the turn. I've been struggling with river sizing in this situation lately. Usually, I've been sizing smaller to get value from Kx, but I've been getting a lot of folds. I've decided I'm going to start betting huge, hoping I look polarized and will get looked up lighter. Try bombing for $325?

    Hand 3 - I think you played well. I think you can squeeze a small amount of value from a weaker ace with a small raise. Click it back at him.
  • El_Jefecito Posts: 119SubscriberProfessional
    Hand 1 I think the flop cbet is close either way, I think at the time I was looking more towards just taking the pot down here on flop with a bet vs. going for value, river I called thinking opponent can be stabbing with 9x / Tx when I check back turn. He ends up showing up with 99 for flopped boat which I was not expecting to see

    Hand 2 I ended up betting 155 on the river, I really felt the player had exactly KQ and I counterfeited just based on his reaction to the turn 3 which is why I was wondering if I could have squeaked more value out of him with a larger bet, he ended up having exactly KQ

    Hand 3 I like just calling the flop here vs. a raise, and river I decided to just call as I agree with beau that I was in a way ahead way behind situation, I ended up losing the minimum as player had A7

    Overall I don't think I played these hands too bad but the hand 1 kind of set the tone for my session and caused me to doubt my though process for the session. I hate it when I do that, if I wasn't going to bet turn or river for value then then this probably should be a fold on river instead of a call
  • beauregard Posts: 1,592Subscriber
    good job, dude
    esp. nice job at writing down hands and checking in to get some perspective
    poker, unfortunately, is one of those games that if played perfect - can still result in losing money.
    but IN THE LONG RUN, you'll be rewarded
    as long as you have a true reason for playing the way you do, then your game will become stronger and tougher to beat.
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