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Concept - If you vbet lighter, will you be in bad shape when people start bluff raising?

kessma Posts: 12Member
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
So I'm working very hard on making the thinnest value bets whenenver possible (to the point where I'm proud when I valueown myself a decent amount too). Then I started to think.. what if the games start changing where people recognize a thin value bet and just bluff raise, I think, at the stage right now where I am working on value-betting, it would be hard for me to recognize the bluff as an exploit (I know, according to Bart, there are no exploits in live poker) and adjust accordingly.

I also have a hard time sometimes relating to what Bart discusses on the show where the $5 blind games are portrayed as insanely esay. I played in some damn difficult games in Vegas, 1-3 at the Wynn and 2-5 at red rock was very agressive with almost internet-style 3b/4b dynamics.
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