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Scare card on turn - What's your play?

$1/2 NL - Game was playing loose passive of course, and play post flop was pretty ABC. Hero is a late 20s female with $450 and a winning image. Villain in the hand is a late 20s Asian guy with about the same size stack. He's a competent player, but I've seen him get tricky pre flop by limping big hands sometimes, even in late position as an over limp. Plays fairly straight forward post flop from what I've seen, but I don't have too much history with villain.

Villain limps UTG +1 and there are 4 limpers behind. The SB completes, and hero is in the BB with J J and raises to $19 (I raised so large because in these games people limp call $12-13 raises. I didn't want to action to go 6 ways). Villain calls and the rest fold.

Pot $48 - Flop - 7 4 5

Hero bets $30, villain calls. Pot $108

Turn- 6

What's hero's play? Against a typical recreational player, I would most likely check/fold in this spot depending on they're sizing. However, I know villain is competent and should know that card does not help my range, and should help his. But I could be giving my opponent a little bit too much credit here for thinking that way...


  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 2,009Subscriber
    If we give villain a somewhat standard UTG limping range of pairs up to 99, and suited aces, then his call on the flop is usually going to be the NFD and pairs 44-99. You are crushed by that range after the turn card. Sadly, we must check/fold.
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