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KK 4bet Sizing

napncrash Posts: 177Subscriber
2/5 Borgata

I'm in +2 and I open to 15 with KK. Three calls in the field. Button goes to $70.

I'm not sure how commonly he would or how capable he is of threebet squeezing - he's a random guy I've never played with before. 30yo or so, wasn't terrible. Not a killer, but not a disaster.

We're 900 effective and it comes back to us in EP.

I'm assuming we're 4betting here for value. Lately (maybe it's been the tournament series in town), but 3 and 4 bets were getting called like crazy. So I feel happy just 4 betting here, but

1) How much?
2) What's our plan for most flops/runouts?
3) What's our plan for A-high flops?
4) What's our plan if he 5bet jams?



  • tomorrow33tomorrow33 Posts: 485Subscriber
    I think OTB V is going to be raising a lot of hands to squeeze as well as raising hands for value (QQ, AK, AQ) that we're crushing. As you said 3/4 bets are getting called a good percentage of the time, 4-betting here is a good idea so we don't go multi-way to the flop OOP. As for your questions:

    A) There's $130 in the pot after the 3-bet so 4-bet to around $250-$300, leaving us $600-$650 behind if V calls. Pot will be at ~$600.

    B) If V flats the 4-bet, then I think we're value betting pretty much any non Ace high flop. Obviously he could flat TT-QQ, as well as AK,AQ. Perhaps even c/r all in on a low flop, hoping V spews it off with TT-QQ or AK.

    As for C/D) I think this comes down to read. I know you said you haven't played with V at all so I guess if he 5-bet jams, do you think he is capable of doing this with AK, AQs, QQ? If yes then its a call. If you only think he jams AA or KK then its a fold. As for an A high flop, I think bet/fold is probably the best play. If we check and he jams we're playing the guessing game so maybe bet $250 and fold if he jams.
  • DavidChan Posts: 1,208Pro
    How bad are the cold callers behind us? If there are any big spots behind us, maybe we should just flat-call KK sometimes.

    If Villain is likely to call with worse to a 4bet, i would usually 4bet KK to $180 here.
  • JimPsaros Posts: 107Subscriber
    1) I'm 4 betting to around $200.
    2) assuming just button flats, I'm c betting about 2/3 of pot (around $280) on all non A flops. The rest are then going in on the turn regardless.
    3) Ace flop gets tricky. If we check, it gives the opportunity for villain to turn his (possibly lower pair) into a bluff and barrel flop, and possibly turn. I'm going to bet a little less than 1/2 pot. I can't see villain continuing without an A. If villain doesn't go away to our flop bet, I'm probably done with the the hand. I can't see him floating without an Ace.
    4) 5 bet shove... Either a fold or call is reasonable. It's close and come down to individual reads. Obvious question is what is his ( or most players at that level) 5 bet shove range? If it includes AK, we obviously call, but we block many AK with our hand. Also if villain only shoves with AK suited, there are only 2 combinations of them. Is he shoving with QQ? If there is no chance of this, then I lean towards a fold.
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