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flop trips vil is drunk

jimswarthout Posts: 15Member
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
i really feel horrible about my play. (in hindsightt there no way i was good)

caz 3-5 ($1000)

im bb utg staddles 4 call i make it $25 with QJo. (not so great i know oop blah blah blah
3call 4 see flop
i bet $85 two call
turn 9 i bet $175 (intending to bet fold) drunk guy shoves. i started with $900 he had a bit more...i spazzed and called.

as i run it back in my head there are no hands he would do tthis with that i beat except overpairs possibly


  • AlexB Posts: 160Subscriber
    just because someone is drunk, or appears to be drunk, or pretends to be drunk, is not enough for you to make a decision. This is really very player dependent. I recently played against a drunk maniac at Aria. I had $500 and he covers me. He raised to $25 preflop, and I reraise to $120. We're heads up,
    and the flop comes JT5 with one heart. He checks, I C-bet $150 and he thinks and thinks for a few seconds, and moves all in. I call, and he has 46hearts
    for a backdoor straight and flush draw.

    So it's really dependent on the player. Other guys even when drunk will not make moves like this.
  • jimswarthout Posts: 15Member
    he was definitely drunk...not hammered tho. he was having a good time talking it up but went quiet on the flop...didnt say a word froze up and started breathing heavy. my post hand analysis is this.
    aj beats me kj beats me 66 beats me. j9 beats me on the turn. i think his prior behavior influenced me because i couldnt wait to get in a pot with him. he doesnt have 22 33 44 77 88 99 ..1010 maybe QQ KK AA..but doubtful.
    it just seems so obvious now that he filled up(its been a week or so now and i see it so clearly) ive beaten myself up over this because i cant find a reason to call i planned on bet folding instincts said fold...i convinced myself, rather quickly i might add that he had AA. im rambling here but it was an obvious tell i read it right and stacked off with trips which has been a problem in the past. usually when i get funky preflop and fall into trips
    am i being to results oriented here? again solid live read..ive been playing live since 96
    i am also intimately familiar with playing drunk as ive got about 1000hrs playing drunken fist poker
  • whatsyourplay? Posts: 752Member
    jimswarthout said

    ...he was having a good time talking it up but went quiet on the flop...didnt say a word froze up and started breathing heavy. ...
    This is the key part IMO.
  • AlexB Posts: 160Subscriber
    either way it's a tough spot. I wouldn't be loosing too much sleep over this hand, since I have seen drunk guys do a lot of crazy stuff in the past. However, you are betting the flop and betting the turn pretty big. If he had a 6, he might fold the turn often. The board is dry, so the fact that he called you on the flop you should suspect he had Jx. Your kicker is pretty good though, above average... so you're looking to get value from worse Jacks like JT, J8, J7, J5. Does villain play J5o?
    If not, then you can only beat JT and J8 and possibly Jxs.

    An overbet shove is rarely a bluff if the villain views you as tight, solid player, and if you're representing a Jack. I think he knows you have a Jack at this point,
    and he could beat your Jack. Next time ask yourself: Is this guy bluffing me off the hand? If you don't think he's bluffing, you should fold, because you don't beat
  • jimswarthout Posts: 15Member
    ever had a hand where in hindsight you see it pefectly so you wonder why in the moment you do the opposite?
    just read the entire epic limon thread n 2 p 2 and im taking some time off to really focus on my company...which is booming right now
    im that guy that has small business...good income....and can structure my time to allow 20 hrs a week for poker. im over "rolled" for the games i frequent but something is off way off. and limon thread really opened my eyes to this. question im ruminating on: what. do i want to get out of poker..i wont play until this is answered. we all say we want to win but sometimes i ? if thats true for me. often it seems it serving some other purpose...self destruction...self gratification...escapism...the entire spectrum. "winning" is that my goal? deep down i hate to lose but i also must hate to win. i fear a coaching session with limon would result in him telling me to quit poker.
    im writing this more for myself...somehow putting it on a public forum is cathartic. has a little to do with hand in op ...if you read tbis hope u enjoyed haha i have many more thougts. someday i want to write my poker history from the beginning. maybe it would help me see some things. /bearing my soul
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