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plo tourny vs plo cash

terrymaxwell Posts: 31Subscriber
edited November -1 in Crush Live Poker Articles
need some thought on adjustments i can make to my plo game. im coming from 1/2 and 2/5 plo cash short stacking and im playing in my first
plo tourny (wsop cherokee event 3 $365) i think it will be a small soft field and good spot to play my first plo tourny.
anyone with any comparable expericne of both???
nittyness in early spots?
7 way flops??
standard bet sizing for flop and turns??? half pot, 3/4 pot,??
any thoughts or help is appreciated

ps. anyone else from seat open playing in the circut events in cherokee next week??


  • BartBart Posts: 5,955AdministratorLeadPro
    Insert Chilidog here. I have actually never played a PLO tournament and was wondering about some of these questions myself.

  • terrymaxwell Posts: 31Subscriber
    Bump.... chilidog i need help and surprisingly this subject hasent been covered much on the other fourm with all the trolls on it...
  • BartBart Posts: 5,955AdministratorLeadPro
    My impression is that with smaller stacks--like say like >15BBs you would want to raise larger--say closer to pot (3.5x) to dissuade people form calling you. In general just like any other PL tourney you should play tighter as there are no antes to steal. The other interesting thing about a PLO tourney would be that you could literally call of maybe 30% of you stack preflop and fold post flop--something that would be unheard of in NLHE.

  • terrymaxwell Posts: 31Subscriber
    thanks bart
  • MattKGB Posts: 35Subscriber
    I think your strategy should depend on how good is the structure and how comfortable you playing plo in general. If the structure is slow and starting stack deep, you can try to get chips from people who are fairly new to the game, you'll be able to identify them pretty fast. Most of them overplay aces. if the starting stack short, you have to wait for a good hand to try to get chips, but there are no antes so you can play pretty tight. You can limp in early position with hands that play well multiway, since it's a small buy in plo tourney , a lot of pots in early stages will be multiway. In general the players are really bad, you'll few players who play cash plo, but majority comes from NL Mtt background , so the field is pretty weak. You can check Ben Lambs mtt plo material over at ploquickpro.
    I've played several plo tourneys, they are great imo.
  • chilidog Posts: 2,427Subscriber
    Sorry, i somehow missed this topic.
    Bart has some good points about tight play w/o antes, calling pre and folding post flop, etc.
    keep this in mind:
    U are trying to get called by worse hands. Bet an amount that can accomplish that. I also try not to play monster pots where I get all in as a flip in the early stages. Lots of good spots to accumulate chips vs taking flips early.
    Play in position! I have been folding QQ and JJ (and really most smaller pairs are crap anyway) in early position, except when I have a coordinated hand to go with the pair. Big pairs become more valuable as effective stacks get shorter (late stages).
    I typically don't raise "pot" pre unless I am 3betting and/ or trying to get all in. This helps balance and widen my opening range. Also similar to NL tournies, u can get away with small cbets (bluffs or semibluffs) as players are hesitant to continue unless they have something good.
    Plo is a post flop game: don't get married to AA in a single raised pot. Evaluate your hand strength post flop and play accordingly. And except for specific scenarios, I usually don't get too crazy with 2 pair hands, especially with no redraw. 2 pair is so unlikely to end up as the best hand when there is a lot of action.

    My main thought tho is to avoid having all my chips at risk.

    Edit: sorry for the unorganized stream of consciousness post -- it's what I could muster from my phone.
  • chilidog Posts: 2,427Subscriber
    Also be aware of people who verbalize "pot". In many cases they have the nuts or close to it. After verifying a read, u can later make some sick folds and/or rebluffs -- people can't add in general. Also, it can be helpful to keep track of the pot yourself so u don't give off that verbal tell.
  • terrymaxwell Posts: 31Subscriber
    thanks guys for all the advice ill let ya know how i do for team seatopen!!!
  • chilidog Posts: 2,427Subscriber
    How'd it go?
    I played the Venetian deep stack plo tourney on Friday and there was good value there, but sadly I got in it with with 60+% three ways with top set vs NFD, and bottom set+Q FD, on J72ss and both the turn and river came spades. A friend of mine finished 4th tho.
  • terrymaxwell Posts: 31Subscriber
    i crushed the 2/5 plo cash game for 1500 but bricked two 365s tournments...thanks for your help chilli
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