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Wild ass 1/2 bar game.

I have been playing this specific 1/2 game for a few months now and simply cannot beat it. It has mostly the same player pool every week of about 15-20 guys. It is played in the back of a bar and by mostly recreational gambling types. People buy in for $500+ and most of the time by midnight everyone at the table has easily 300bbs.

They use a 'rock' for strattling $10 and it can only be used UTG or on the button. Most times people even throw $5 chip on top so its $15... Im here asking for optimal play in situations like this...

Is this the type of game that can only be played with a strong pf range and simply betting for value? Raise good hands and just keep bet bet beting when a hand is made? How about flat calling those $10 strattles with 89suited? Ax suited? I feel like I'm bleeding so much by calling these types of hands. In this game a $20 pf raise is totally normal.

Opinions plz...


  • ANason21ANason21 Posts: 166Subscriber
    Well, if you are all sitting with 300 BBs at 1/2, it becomes more like a 5/10 game with a mandatory $10 straddle, so instead of 300 BBs you all have 60. If people are straddling to 15, then it's even bigger (with shorter stacks). With stacks like these, the value of suited connectors decreases -- you usually won't be getting enough implied odds to call these hands -- and the value of pocket pairs and high cards increases.

    So the first thing I would do in a game like this is to tighten up pre flop. It also doesn't sound like people like to fold in that game (recreational gambler types), so I would pull way back on my bluffing frequency. I wouldn't 3-bet light as a bluff, I wouldn't c-bet bluff as much, etc. Seems like you have already figured this out--"play[] with a strong pf range and simply bet[] for value." Just put it into practice.

    Another question, though -- what is the rake? Usually in these back room games, the rake is outrageous. If the rake is too high, the game may just be unbeatable.
  • johnamenjohnamen Posts: 55Subscriber
    Tell me what makes a games rake beatable? What are good examples ?
  • tomorrow33tomorrow33 Posts: 485Subscriber
    Games with "good" rake are ones that are generally a lower percentage and capped at a certain amount ie. A 10% rake that's capped at $10 so no matter how big the pot gets the rake is still only maximum of $10 etc. Bad rakes will be a higher percentage and have a higher cap so they will be taking so much more per hour off the table and kill your hourly win rate
  • ANason21ANason21 Posts: 166Subscriber
    A lot of times the underground games won't even advertise their rake, since what they're doing isn't on the up and up, so you really have to pay attention to what they're taking. Most of the time they aren't capping it and they're just taking a huge chunk of money. If you ever see a dealer drop 3 $5 chips (or more) into the till, you'll know -- it's not a good rake.

    The $2/5 game at Maryland Live is raked at 10% up to $5, with $2 taken off for jackpots and bonuses. It's also "no flop, no drop," so they don't rake the pot at all if there is no flop.
  • johnamenjohnamen Posts: 55Subscriber
    I saw the guy drop $20 into the till with about a $200 pot.. I started watxhing last night.... It seems random to the point where I think they take as much as they can get away with....

    Regardless I lost $600, mainly because I can't stop drinking like a dick
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