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2/5 combo draw line check.

yocamyo Posts: 63Subscriber
edited August 2015 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Hero is 25 yr old reg looked at as pretty agressive.
Villian is 50 yr old man haven't played with before seems to be somewhat loose.
Seen him call a 3 bet to 85 with 74 suited in sb.

Open in co to 20 with q 4 btn calls, sb calls and bb calls.

750 effective

Flop 3 6 7

I bet 55 everyone folds bb makes it 150, I call
Turn (380 ish)
A he bets 150 with 440 ish behind.

I ship what do u think of the ship?
What do u think of flop decision?


  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 2,055Subscriber
    That flop smacks someone who plays hands like 74s for raises OOP. The good news is that you should probably get paid off if you hit. The bad news is that he likely isn't folding, so raising at any point is probably not a good plan. Just stick with the plan of calling when your odds are good and folding when they're not.
    by 1SKOO
  • yocamyo Posts: 63Subscriber
    What hand can he call with that he decided to bet that small with? These are obviously just assumptions but I expect him to bet huge with any value hand better than 1 pair?
  • mythomaniac Posts: 284Subscriber
    I agree with dp, you are up against a made hand the majority of the time. If you had a strong hand you'd ship BC he isn't folding. Just trying to hit your hand is OK here because you have Zero fold equity.
  • SKOOSKOO Posts: 160Subscriber
    I don't see an older man (such as 50) folding to a raise OTT after betting $150. HE probably thinks thats a big bet. I'd call with the odds given.

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