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iso raising fish

edog Posts: 43Member
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
How much do you folks isolation raise pre-flop? When in late position, I attempt to pre-flop raise the fit or fold fish with any hand 86s or better, if I think I can get the hand three way or heads-up with position. I have less than two years of weekend playing experience at 2-3 NL and my game is still evolving.

1) Is isolating the fish just standard good play? I think I play decent post flop. In addition to being fun, it appears to be positive EV over a small sample size. What range of hands should it be done with?

2) I have seen this done many times, 5 or more people limp and the "active" guy on the button raises to 7x. He either wins without a flop or when it gets heads-up, he outplays his opponent for a medium size pot. Once in awhile several people or everyone calls preflop and it turns into a crap shoot. Is this a positive EV pre-flop raise? What range of hands should it be done with?
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