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500PLO (1/2 5 to go)

UTG (lightly drinking business guy): 450
CO (30s asian seems to have a clue but not good, mostly TAGgy and repots to realize his equity in obvious spots): 600
BTN (hero, mid 20s, hoodie/headphones, etc): 800

(3) - two limps, hero has AdKdKsJd and pots to 25, two calls
(78) 678cxx - check check, hero bets 40, two calls
(198) 6c - checks through
(198) Qs - UTG thinks for 5-7s and leads 105, CO tanks for 20s and folds, hero?


  • so few hands you beat hear. I would just fold
  • So what do you think he would be betting for value?
    What hands that beat me would he be turning into a bluff?
    Does he have a value b/f range?
  • chilidog Posts: 2,427Subscriber
    you completely missed the flop with not even any backdoor equity. i would just check behind on the flop and give up to any bet at any time. u basically have nothing and no blockers to even use and the board is about as coordinated as it gets. do you really think he's betting AQxx, or Q8xx? he's not betting those hands unless he's using blockers to bluff.
  • That was my plan after the flop c-bet got called in two spots, and I had a pretty detailed plan if only one player called.
    I can go into that if you like.

    UTG would have definitely led with any boat or the nut straight OTT.
    He might have planned to c/r 88 or 77, but there was no physical indication of interest in the hand.
    His check is always giving up unless he has a non-nut straight, which he will c/c and then either c/c or c/f river.
    Obviously UTG is super polarized, he's not betting anything worse than Q6 for value.

    Knowing that CO had a decision OTR has serious range weighting implications,
    with me behind he likely would have folded as strong as the nut straight or 86.
  • chilidog Posts: 2,427Subscriber
    Nobody is folding 86xx to one bet on the river after the turn checks thru. He may have folded a weak straight , but its not like this is a monster 3 way all in pot where multiple players are trying to get tons of money in.
  • Derek Posts: 44Subscriber
    You can't be good here. He could be betting a straight since it checked thru on the turn but it's more likely 86xx or 76xx.
  • As UTG thought he just stared at the board then bet a red and a black that he had on top of his chips, which I interpreted as meaning he was thinking about whether to bet, not how much.
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