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How to/do you act after (semi) bluffing

RecreationalRogerRecreationalRoger Posts: 789Subscriber
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion

Ok, so you've put in a sizeable semi-bluff or bluff, now V goes in the tank, looking at you, badgering you, talking out loud...how do you act without giving anything away? I know my heart is racing a lot faster when my raise on the turn isn't the nuts vs. when it is the nuts. Was wondering what you all have in the way of routines to help alleviate the nervousness in these situations.

The "have the waitress show up at the exact right time with your food, pay her calmly, tip her nicely, chat her up, and then start eating" method has worked great for me (2-0) but obviously can't rely on this every time. Smile



  • wildncrazyguywildncrazyguy Posts: 422Subscriber
    Sunglasses I think help. One tell - well something that someone thinks is a tell anyways - is whether or not you look at the person a min or so after the bluff. Some people when they see me look at them snap call, others snap fold thinking you are confident since you are willing to look at them. Chatting it up and being comfortable most people take as strength but be careful not to do this holding the nuts when you want to get paid which I have before. Best bet is sunglasses and a hat and dont give away anything. I never answer questions or respond to anything. Taking your time before betting better players dont think is anything but weak players think "Why didn't he bet right away? He must be bluffing" I've been called bluffing many times for that reason even though if they were paying attn they'd notice I pause the same about of time before betting the nuts and bluffs equally. The more you play the more you get comfortable bluffing so naturally you wont give away as much. Your heart wont race etc.
  • Fish Fryer Posts: 161Member
    I just find a tv and start watching. Without the tv, I stare at the flop. Nuts or bluff.....
  • WackabrewWackabrew Posts: 400Subscriber
    I just stare at the board regardless. I do have a stock answer to the "Do you want me to call?" question: "Depends on what you have". I say it every time. Has gotten me paid a few times (when it obviously didn't matter what the guy had)

    Edit: Some people like sunglasses, others don't. Personally, I don't think it adds much, but to each their own. I will also sterotype someone (an unknown) wearing sunglasses at the table (at 1/2 or 2/5) as a donk until they prove otherwise
  • bobo1384 Posts: 145Subscriber
    Zach Z-H said

    I just find a tv and start watching. Without the tv, I stare at the flop. Nuts or bluff.....
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