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Effective Nuts and no idea what he could call me with. River bet size

MatthewTagliaferri Posts: 18Member
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Would love if Bart could bring his outstanding handreading skills to bear on this hand.

50./$1 home game, 9 player table.
I open UTG to $3 with 99 and get three callers.

Pot $13
Flop 9 6 3 rainbow.
I bet $9 and get one caller. Villain is ABC, plays draws passively, strong hands fast (but with odd bet sizes post, i.e. in love with the minraise).

Pot $31
Turn is a Jack, completes the rainbow. 9 6 3 J
I bet $22, villain calls.

Pot $75
River Ace, 9 6 3 J A. My turn to act.

Very few hands villain can pay off a bet with. A9/J9, but only one nine is available. I don't like check/inducing, this player will simply say "I missed" and check behind in a pot this big. 2 straight draws missed, leaving him with 8 high or 5 high. I would have heard from a lower set by the turn. I can see very little way of getting any money from this player.

With that in mind, my question is what size is my river bet, and why.


  • bobo1384 Posts: 145Subscriber
    would this guy raise if he had 2 pair or would he just call the river?

    if he would raise then I would just bet $25 to hopefully get a call from 2nd or 3rd pair. Then if he raises its a happy day.

    If he isnt raising two pair, i doubt you get value from much of anything worse so i would just bet near pot so the times he does have j9/a9 you get something for it.
  • kdogmc Posts: 100Subscriber

    You will probably get calls from 66, 33 and any weird back door two pairs.

    It really polarizes your range. Frustrates Villain. Most if they have anything think you're bluffing.

    More than likely he has a draw that didn't materialize so it won't matter except you seem very aggro and don't show your hand.

    could help your image in future hands.
  • BartBart Posts: 6,078AdministratorLeadPro
    I agree with above bet large. Most of the time you are not going to get a call but you aren't getting called by single paired 6s or 9s either when the A comes on the river. You probably should just go for gold and hope he has A9. Or depending on stack sizes you could try and check raise (if deep).

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