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Well, lets get a bit of FPS w/ QJs and try to turn into a hero? 2/5

CashDonk Posts: 6Member
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Hero: $700
Villain: $1k

Alright, playing at Aria, been a bit swingy of a day. So a station limps in from UTG+2. We iso in the HJ to $25 w/ QJdd. Aggro- Asian (mid 20s) defends BB. Limper calls as well.

Pot: $80
Flop: Th 8h 2d.

Checks to us. We cbet $45. BB c/r to $105. Limper folds. We call?

Pot: $290
Turn: 8d

He bets $135. We call?

Pot: $560ish
River: 9s

He jams. We.....

Alright, so we called the flop bet b/c there are a lot of combo draws I think he can be raising here on the flop and think that he definitely can be making a play at the pot. When we pick up equity on the turn, we thought about raising, but the sizing seemed to be pretty polarizing bet. So then when we do get there on the river, and he jams, we are just like, "well, i think we have to believe you...OR DO WE?!?!"

obviously, suggestions on all streets. Even thought about getting into a leveling war on the flop.



  • I snap fold to the raise on the flop. He can be raising combo draws and sets, and we're just killed against those. If he's making a play at the pot, good for him. We have Queen high and a gutter on a two-tone board, just muck it. Turn is fine as played, and river is a fold. You have to give him credit for a hand. This is live poker and our villain has raised the flop and continued on two streets. This is rarely a bluff and very likely a boat.
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