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Flopped flush

VAF Posts: 49Subscriber
1/2NL Effective stacks $400
I am in MP with T 7
I raise to $11 over 1 limper and get called in two spots behind me plus the original limper calls.
Flop[$40]: k 4 5
Checked to me, I bet $30, 2 players fold and the utg guy raises to $130.
He is an older guy, regular, I have seen him here before, OMC type. I seen him limp in ep with a wide variety of hands like K8.
What is hero's play here?



  • pokertime Posts: 2,180Subscriber
    Once he raises that big I just put it all in. Any less and you are giving him odds with AsKx or a set which he's probably calling with any how. Even a min raise means your only have ~$100 OTT and once again give odds to everything when you shove turn. Your hand is too vulnerable and hes only folding total air.
  • DTMooreDTMoore Posts: 156Member
    edited October 2015
    My first question is why you're opening T7 in MP? I'm open to new ideas, and maybe your opponents are extremely predictable (but not enough since you're posting here), but do you feel you can either extract value or outplay the field with several unknowns on your left and ten high? I see that as not worth the investment.

    Now, my usual disclaimer is that I'm not in CA so what do I know, but you said it's 1/2 (usually not offered in CA), so it sounds like the usual "tight" games I'm used to. Where are you geographically?

    On to the flop: I seriously doubt OMC is checkraising a draw w/ A , and I think he absolutely never has air. My first thought was he's "protecting" 4s or 5s like OMCs and beginners like to do. Otherwise it's a made flush, which will likely beat yours. Because old man coffee. His limping range may be wide AF but his gii range vs whippersnappers (or anyone) will be narrow AF.
  • ReignmakerReignmaker Posts: 147Subscriber
    Fold. You only beat 98 and 86 of spades if he has a flush-and that's if he limp/calls with those hands. He can have sets in his range but I doubt OMC is doing this with the ace of spades.
  • VAF Posts: 49Subscriber
    I ended up folding and he showed 45 for bottom two pair.
    From everything I gathered and all the discussions, I see that this is a call. On the flop, a villain can raise with things other than the nuts. Also, his quick raise indicates weakness. If this was a tank raise then I would be more concerned.
  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 1,989SubscriberProfessional
    Fold preflop. In the vast majority of cases, T7s is not a hand to open, as evidenced by the 3 callers.

    You don't beat many flushes, but there shouldn't be many flushes in villain's range. He likely opens the big A X hands preflop, so you're behind just a few Ace-baby flushes, plus maybe Q J. Sets make a ton of sense, as do some of his random two pair hands (based on the K8 limp you described).

    Any reads on his postflop tendencies? Does he overplay hands? Or when he sticks the money in, does he have it? I have a hard time folding the ten-high flush in this spot, but since he doesn't tend to play A X× this hard, I'm calling and evaluating the turn.
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