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Crush Live Poker Video No.214: $2-$5 Bart's POA Hands Part 1

BartBart Posts: 6,077AdministratorLeadPro
This week Bart reviews all of the hands that he played on a recent episode of Poker On Air. A $2-$5 NL game from Akron, Ohio.

Episode post at 2PM ET.



  • firespitter Posts: 243Subscriber
    Food for thought regarding one hand:

    around hand 25 we have a hand where bart opens 99 in co to 20, sb 3-bets to 70. Bart calls. I believe eff stacks are about 900 to start this hand.
    Flop (145): JJ5 hhd.
    V bets 105, bart decides his hand is often good here and calls. Do we pick up sizing info from this flop bet? Seems too big to me for a legit value hand... 3-bet pot and paired flop... id expect AA to bet closer to half pot... maybe 85. Would be interested in comments as to how much to read into this.
    Turn (355): Td.
    V bets 215. Bart decides he still likes his hand and makes the call. He explains his thought process being that he expects V to give up rivers if he was bluffing and does not improve, and so in most cases is not bluff-catching rivers (Bart please correct me if I am misrepresenting your thought process). After the call, pot is 785 and Bart has about 550 left.
    My question is would you consider instead raising turn? Could be minraise/fold but probably shove. Essentially we would turn our bluffcatcher into a bluff. Do we expect V to fold the overpairs he is representing? Can we credibly rep a jack or better? I think its tough for him to call with aces, and he is very unlikely to be stronger than that.
    Another arguement is that we expect V's bluffs to be hands like AK/AQ, which have 32% (!) Equity against us. The turn shove may both protect our equity when we are ahead and get better hands to fold, though we can certainly debate at what frequency we get those folds.
    A freind once told me I play sledgehammer poker. Does that mean im strong or that im a blunt instrument?
  • BartBart Posts: 6,077AdministratorLeadPro
    Are you suggesting raising to $430 here and then folding to a reraise? Pot would be like $1550-$1600, $345 to call. I don't think we are deep enough to make this play.

    I think this is a game of 5th street chicken as played for sure. I think that just calling the turn to protect our stack outweighs the time where we give him a free shot at equity with overcards. If you think there is fold equity in spots, sure you could turn your hand into a bluff. But if its just because you want to raise for protection I dont think that this is a spot to do it in.

  • firespitter Posts: 243Subscriber
    I am suggesting the shove mostly as a bluff vs his overpairs, hoping to rep a jack with enough credibility... Essentially turning our bluff catcher into a bluff. But we have the added benefit of cleaning up those times that we currently have the best hand. So when he bets turn there is 570 out there, and our shove would be for 750. So we need overpairs to fold something like 60% of the time? Do we get those folds? Could be the case of our opponent respects our bets.

    These are the types of high variance plays I think about but rarely pull the trigger on...
  • brody Posts: 10Subscriber

    this is my first CLP video that I watched. The game seems to been play really tight for a 2-5 game. Is it what 2-5 game look in 2015 or this is just an exception ?
  • BartBart Posts: 6,077AdministratorLeadPro
    brody said:

    this is my first CLP video that I watched. The game seems to been play really tight for a 2-5 game. Is it what 2-5 game look in 2015 or this is just an exception ?
    I think that this is an exception due to the limited money in the area that this takes place (Akron-Cleveland) and limited player pool. You can be sure that a typical 5-10 game in LA plays much looser than this.


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