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PokerIsFrustrating Posts: 657Member
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Not really a specific hand but more of a question about image.

We've all heard Bart's take on image as if relates to cbetting etc. Its mostly winning or losing and less about loose or tight or passive or aggro.

Lately I've had a few sessions where I sat down and won a bunch of small to medium pots without showdown. Either I cbet and took it down or made some type of raise into a Pfr and won the hand. I don't show, so villains have no idea what I'm playing. Pretty quickly I'm up maybe 25-50 bbs without even showing a hand down. Thus question is what does this do to my image?

I'm winning and taking pots down so maybe villains want to avoid me, but for all villains know I'm just a crazy player who never has anything and is bluffing left and right.

In this kind of situation, would you guys just keep cbetting and assume you have a great image unless or until guys start playing back or calling down super light? Do you ever show strong hands occasionally so you can keep cbetting when you miss? Or do you try to play off having possibly a lag image and start to tighten a little and value bet more assuming villains won't believe you.

I've found most rec players react to aggressive players by trying to slowplay or hit big hands. They'll say I don't have anything but still fold to cbets when they miss. So I'm inclined to keep cbetting away unless someone decides to start playing back.


  • TJ Posts: 239Subscriber
    Yeah, I don't think you need to adjust until you see something that tells you your opps are. In my low stakes games (1/2, 2/5), I don't opps paying much attention to what you're doing unless it's over-the-top, and if they do pay attention, they don't do anything about it. For them, it's all about what they have. Of course, it's opp dependent, too. I know a few guys who play there that will adjust immediately, and appropriately. I'd say just keep betting (mostly) value hands, rarely bluff unless the spot is good, and keep hooking the fish.
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