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2-5 PLO: Flop Aces+NFD on Wet Board

High__Rolla Posts: 775Subscriber
Villian (covers): Professional player who alternates between Holdem and PLO. He has a solid all-around game. Takes his time with all decisions. Usually is one of the tighter players at the PLO table, but will be aggressive in good spots. He can make tough folds. Hero has probably played over 100 hours with him. He likely views Hero as solid. We don't tangle that often at the table due to similar styles.

Preflop: Villian limps in UTG+1. Hero raises to $25 in UTG+2 with AcAh8s5c. Three LP callers and the SB come along. All other stacks are $500-2000.

Flop ($150): Tc 9h 3c. SB checks. Villain bets $125. Hero? Hero has $1725 left.

Villian must have a strong hand and/or strong draw to lead into the field here.


  • firespitter Posts: 243Subscriber
    So we're going to the flop with spr of 11.5, though some players are shorter. At this depth I prefer to flat. I feel like we are too deep to just commit with AA+NFD. Also if we flat we may get callers behind, giving us better odds on our draw. If not we may have bluffing opportunities heads up in position on straightening cards.
  • reedmylipsreedmylips Posts: 1,145Subscriber
    I would flat. Too deep to do anything else. You will be in good shape with an A or a club on the turn, and often a 3 will also give you the best hand with aces and treys.
  • JT00 Posts: 193Subscriber
    edited October 2015
    Definitely flat. If you get it in against this opponent, given that he is leading multiway with the given SPRs, you will certainly be getting it in bad (although still with decent equity). Villain should have at the very least top 2 with a redraw. He most likely has a set. You hold the NFD, so he is not going to be leading a big combo draw multiway when not nutted.
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