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O8 10/20 Question

I was playing 10/20 O8 Saturday night when I had this had go down.
Limped 6 ways I.m in BB with A , 2 , K 9 . Should I raise for value?

The flop comes out 6 7 Q, I check, UTG bets, all call I call.

Turn is the J I check UTG bets all call I call.

River:T I bet out UTG calls. all others fold.

I didn't think betting, check raising any street would be good. Now I'm thinking I should have tried to check raise the river. I'm just not sure.

I have never posted a hand before but this one confused me.


  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,086Subscriber
    edited October 2015
    Raise for value? Yes absolutely.. You have a suited Ace with a deuce in a limped pot.

    You played it fine. there is a pretty good chance with the player on your right driving the betting that it will just get checked through on the river. When the betting lead is on your right you should just lead the river to trap players with hands in between. You will get paid off by sets for sure maybe even two pair..

    Now had one of the clubs been a heart.. Then I am leading out and raising to a full cap with nut low and nut flush draws..

    Unlike in hold em where you are mainly betting your made hands .. in omaha you should be betting your equity regardless if you have a made hand yet.. This way you are building a big pot when your equity is best and keeping the pot small (and your cost) when your equity is low..

    now if we change the lead bettor to be on your left and one of the clubs was a heart then I am very likely to go for a check raise on the flop again to be able to get those extra bets in while my equity is so high..

    These strategies are where you can distance yourself from the avg omaha player who never raises without AAxx and always wins smaller pots but gets trapped in bigger ones..

    You can see who those players are when at showdown they have monster draws but win relatively small pots.. Or players who are better who win HUGE pots with monster draws but lose small amounts when they have say top set on a wet board ..

  • BartBart Posts: 5,921AdministratorLeadPro
    edited October 2015
    No dont check raise the river. Some people will even check K9 behind you. If the turn had been a you should check raise the turn for pure value. And yes, preflop holding a suited A2K you should raise pre for value.

  • JPutter Posts: 4Subscriber
    Thank you for the responses. I thought I made a preflop mistake.
    The result of the hand was the UTG guy had A K and we chopped.
  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,086Subscriber
    JPutter said:
    Thank you for the responses. I thought I made a preflop mistake.
    The result of the hand was the UTG guy had A K and we chopped.
    Putter.. what was villains OTHER two cards?

    In omaha and especially in O8 all four cards should be playing to really kill the game.. Ie you need to think about both high and low and how your cards make nutty hands both ways..

    the fact that you chopped with him isnt important.. But if he had a hand where he did not have a 2 in it can you see how well equity wise you were doing against him?? especially on the turn..

    I would play with pro poker tools and you can play around with your and his ranges and I think you will be surprised just how well you are doing ..

    Yes he had the nut flush draw on the flop but in O8 its way way better to have a freeroll. ie you have the best low and freerolling to win the high against villains.. you will make a ton of money there..

    So let say the flop instead of being what it was it was 6 7 4 and you have your hand against villain who doesnt have a 2.. see what equities are then..

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