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1/3 Aria. 106 BB. Facing flop raise with 3.3 SPR.

Jseeley Posts: 48Member
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Villain 1 just moved to table. I have never played with him before, but he is a young kid that moved to the table with a $500 stack. At aria you can only buy in for $300. I assume he is not horrible. He has since lost a hand and is down to $320.

Hero has villain covered.

5 limpers
Hero makes it $28 on the button with AK
2 callers in MP

Flop comes
KT7 2 hearts
Check, Check
Hero bets $55
First caller folds
Villain is reaching for chips and is shaking HARD, fumbling chips.
Villain makes it $150

I didn't hold the ace of hearts. I thought for a long time on this one. I was just having a hard time assigning him a accurate range given the short history I have with him.
I first discounted QJhh given the limp, but then I gave it a little more credit. Just because I would always open that hand I have often seen a lot of others limp call at this level.
77 is in there.
Ax of hearts is a very possible with the limp/call line.



  • shmed Posts: 321Subscriber
    If deeper I would call and use my position to evaluate future streets, potentially value bet/folding a safe turn card if checked to.

    At this depth though, I fold. I think a call is pretty much committing effective stacks since V is getting almost 50% of his stack in here. I don't expect FE if I shove, so I would only shove for value. I would expect to see 77s a lot and perhaps KT. If he has 2 hearted b'ways (FD and some sort of SD) you are basically flipping. You are hoping he has a heart suited A-little, which you are doing well against. I also think shaking HARD usually means a monster rather than a bluff, arguing for a fold.
  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
    I agree with shmed.. I just dont see villains at these smaller games playing their draws fast and raising.. shaking hand = monster.. prolly has 2pr+ fold..

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