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Reraised set on flop 200bb effective

The following hand is from a $2/$5 cash game with $1000 (200bb) effective stacks at my local casino. The game I'm playing in opened about five minutes before this hand developed & I joined it because the other tables were full.

With black pocket tens in MP, I flat an UTG1 $25 raise from a 20something guy wearing Underarmor playing with a stack of black chips whom I haven't played with before. Another player calls.

Flop $75 3 ways KdTd4x. The preflop raiser bets $40. I raise to $125. The other player folds. The villain re-raises to $275. I think about the player's range which likely includes AK, AA, KT, and 44. Some combo draws like AQdd and QJdd may also be here, but from my experience I don't see most players playing combo draws very aggressively in $2/$5 games. I opt to just flat here rather than putting in another raise and having the player fold hands like AA, AK, and even KT - I want to keep the hands I'm quite ahead of in his range and figure that stacks can get in by river as I have position and I expect the player to keep betting on future streets.

Turn $625 headsup 2x. Villain bets $400. I consider raising all-in here, but once again do not want to fold out hands like AK, AA, and even KT. I suspect villain will put in another bet on river/get all-in. After all, villain showed lots of strength on the flop and likely has a big hand, but, again, I don't want to fold out the weaker parts of his strong range.

River $1425 headsup 4x. Villain surprisingly checks. I shove and villain tanks saying things like, "Wow, would a $2/$5 player bluff like this? A missed draw? I'm really thinking of calling here with Ace high." I say nothing and he eventually folds Qd face-up.

Perhaps villain here indeed had AdQd and would have called off turn had I raised, but I don't want to be results-oriented here and would hate to see hands like AA, AK, KT possibly fold turn. Maybe the combo draws here were the only hands that would check/fold river?

What are your thoughts on this hand regarding flop and turn play? I'm looking for feedback in these deeper situations as I get used to 200bb situations that don't happen very often. Thanks.


  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 1,989SubscriberProfessional
    I'm getting another bet in on the flop. Even if you discount draws, I don't think he's folding the range you describe. Plus, there are a ton of cards that will slow villain down, basically any 9+ or any diamond.

    As played, you'd need to raise the turn too. Stacks are deep, so we need another raise in there somewhere to get stacks in.
  • flyingtriangleflyingtriangle Posts: 101Subscriber
    Don't we only have $300 left after Villain's turn bet? So a shove wouldn't even be a minraise. He's not folding. Just get it in on the turn.
  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,085Subscriber
    edited October 2015
    I dont mind the flop line but on turn with such a small spr I am just going to go all in. If he has the two combos of broadway straight flush draws you will get called for sure without giving him negative implied odds against you.

    Furthermore, He is alot more likely to get it in there then on the river AFTER you call again. Your call on the turn is really strong. Your ship on the turn isnt as strong.

    Now shipping river after your raise and flat and call is just one of the strongest lines you could have taken. The ONLY stronger line would have been to just call him then raise river..

    So ask yourself. If villain has AA or AK and its only like 300 to win almost 2000 you think he is folding??? When we played together this is one of the things that I feel so many players on the east coast miss. A player MIGHT be unhappy about your ship but they really are never folding.. they are getting just too good a price..

    I am happy your raised the flop.. I dont think you would have done that 2 months ago.. my influence??? maybe a little ?? *brag* :-)

    Justin.. the basic strategy is players are much more willing to go with their hands on earlier streets. Especially when they feel there is a possibility that they can be good or can draw to a better hand. Once the river comes there arent any more cards to come so less uncertainty..

  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 1,989SubscriberProfessional
    flyingtriangle said:
    Don't we only have $300 left after Villain's turn bet? So a shove wouldn't even be a minraise. He's not folding. Just get it in on the turn.
    Somehow I thought we were $1500 effective. My bad.

    In this situation, I'm definitely raising the flop again. He's going to call you so light, even with AA or AK, since you could be pushing some sort of royal draw.
  • FoldtoMyRaiseFoldtoMyRaise Posts: 312Subscriber
    edited October 2015
    Flop line is ok if you think by flatting you risk folding out almost everything worse. On the turn V has only 300 behind after V bets. You need to raise on the turn all in. You do not want to give your opponent a situation where V would call a turn raise with his draws and if V is on a draw V will only call a bet or bet himself on the river when V makes a hand stronger than your current hand (a flush in this case) but would check fold the river if V missed his draw saving Vsome money. Also when you raise V on the turn if he has pocket pair or 2 pair+ V may think you have a flush draw or other draw or single pair hand and call a raise on the turn thinking V has the best hand, but he may not give you any more action if a flush draw comes in on the river. Lots of cards can kill your hand or kill your action on the river. Raise all-in on the turn. As played you may have lost 300 (60bb) in value by not raising the turn.
  • KSMKSM Posts: 222Subscriber
    edited October 2015
    Fold the flop he has to have KK if he b/3b you.

    But seriously get it in on the turn.
  • jvpokerjvpoker Posts: 27Subscriber
    Thanks for the feedback. I'll be shipping turn next time in situation like this rather than relying on villain to put the final bet in on the river.
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