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1/1 w straddle. Hero covers all, on button straddle, two Villans.
Villan1 reg 300bb, too wide 3bet range pre is the only glaring leak I've found, decent. Views hero as a nit, hilarious.
Villan2 headphone grinder crowd 200bb, douche, never played omaha with him, only nlhm, views hero as a retard. Will defently call large bets for half/quarter. I sat to his left just to bust him up and have been.
Raise my straddle to 16$ with suited A347T, for a little value but mostly because of position and it's easier to create some fold equity with a larger bet option. Hard to get folds for 10$ but 30$ and up it works.?. Villan1 ep and Villan2 Lp both call. (53$) Flop 267r.
Villan1 leads for 24$, Villan2 calls, I like my low and top pair here vs a Villan that can't fold a naked A3 on a fairly wet board and raise to 150$.?. In hindsight I probably should have bet a bit less. 150$ pretty much commits both Villans. Is 75/90$ a better bet here? Maybe even a call is ok. I figured I'm never folding the turn and might as well be the aggressor in position vs one Villan who CAN fold and another I want to play pots with.


  • eyehaityou Posts: 292Member
    Villan1 shoved causing Villan2 to fold. Ran it twice, Villan 3/4 first board with nl and straight A39Tx, hero 3/4 second with nl and straight .
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