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Top set and NFD flop play facing donk lead.

Oneup Posts: 30Subscriber
Horseshoe in cincinnati. 1/2/5 plo $500 cap game. Few hands before I got busted for bluffing on 853j3ccxxx board w/ AJ57ccxx. triple barreled and got raised on the rive and I folded. So my image is not that good. For the most of part, I usually show up with nuts at the river. So my image is pretty nitty.
Game is usual limp/call loose passive pre.
V is early 40's white guy who plays bigger game. He is probably the one of better player at this table and covering whole table. He will play big draw hard and have no problem putting in his stack.

$350 eff.
2 limpers including V and I'm on the btn w/ AAK5ddxx suited to K. I raise to $20. As usual everybody calls. 4 ways to the flop.

Flop A J 6

check to V and He donk for $40.
I have about $330 left and I have pretty big hand. My first thought was to just repot and hopefully he'll just reship his stack. Or since I'm only worried about kqt on the turn if has 9 cards wrap. Should I let him barrel and gii on the turn? Is this spot I should slow play my hand? Lets say if I just flat pot will be $165 and I have $330 left. If he bets anything, I can gii on the turn.
Also for sizing, I think half pot size bet is super weak in this game. Vast majority of people just pot w/ made hand in this game.


  • High__Rolla Posts: 775Subscriber
    This is a rare spot in PLO where I like slowplaying. Worst case OTT, you have about 40% equity versus broadway with a big money overlay (i.e., easy call). I like calling for two reasons: it allows him to barrel some hands and and may invite the others to come along with inferior draws. The main downside is that you potentially let him get away from set-over-set when he would've gotten it in OTF.
  • reedmylipsreedmylips Posts: 1,145Subscriber
    With stacks as shallow as they are, this is a call all day. You have nothing to protect against, you have the board covered, there is no card you're afraid of on the turn.
  • Jordan Posts: 78Subscriber
    I think PF you can make it 25-30 since everyone will call anyways.

    Calling is bad because if the board pairs or the flush comes in, it will kill your action.
    I'd raise to 130ish and set up a turn shove.
  • reedmylipsreedmylips Posts: 1,145Subscriber
    Jordan said:
    I think PF you can make it 25-30 since everyone will call anyways.

    Calling is bad because if the board pairs or the flush comes in, it will kill your action.
    I'd raise to 130ish and set up a turn shove.
    I disagree. I think JJ, 66, and flush draws are the most likely hands in villain's value range, and those hands will give action when they improve and you dominate.

    JJ would probably call a raise or even GII on the flop, but that's about it. Smaller flush draws and 66 will be unlikely to give any turn action on boards that don't improve their hand if you raise now, but may very well GII on safe or improved turns.
  • Oneup Posts: 30Subscriber
    I do agreed that if he had set of j's he'd just go with it and gii on the flop. On this particular situation, I think I should've just flat and gii ott.

  • Jordan Posts: 78Subscriber
    The only problem with a flush draw is if it hits and he gets raised on the turn, he may fold since it's not the nuts. If he's leading with KQ10 with a flush draw, or AJ/A6 with a flush draw, I think he's more likely to get in on the flop. Anything he'll get it in on the turn, he's likely to get in on the flop.
  • RizenRizen Posts: 58Subscriber
    Raise the flop, but don't pot it. It makes your hand look drawy/weaker. If he has a set he will reraise, if not then you know he is drawing. A smaller raise keeps him in and defines the hand
  • Dusty Posts: 233Subscriber
    i like a small raise to about 90 ( less than 100 gets more calls sometimes). any hand that they donk they will call an extra 50 with, since the pot is now at 170 and they only need to call 50. then there will be 220 in the pot on the turn, and you can bet about 120 on the turn, laying them almost another 3 to 1 on the call, and hope they hit whatever their inferior draw is should they check to you.
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