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Nfd + over pair facing raise otf

Oneup Posts: 30Subscriber
Horseshoe cincy 1/2/5 $500 cap plo. 9pm. V in this hand is white guy in 60's reg. He is pretty nitty pre and post. When he bets he usually has it. I played with this guy for long time. $450 eff. I have entire table covers. My image is good. I'm in mp with aa33ccxx. I raise to $15, v calls and so as sb and bb. Pot $60.

Flop k 4 6

Check to me and I bet $45. V insta raise me to $145.
He has about $275 left. What's my move?

After I call he has less than pot size bet left ott. Also his range is heavy towards to sets or 2pr. I have naked fd and over pair.


  • reedmylipsreedmylips Posts: 1,145Subscriber
    I think you reship OTF. You have equity vs. all hands in villain's range, plus you want to see both remaining cards to realize your equity. Remember you have two hidden outs vs. two pair (two 3s) in addition to the third flop card pairing (giving you aces up) and two remaining aces, giving you 7 additional outs to your club outs.

    Don't forget, there is a small chance villain has some sort of combo hand (pair+str8 draw+flush draw) that you CRUSH with your higher pair, straight blockers, and dominating flush draw.
  • RizenRizen Posts: 58Subscriber
    Sounds like Ron..If so then this is KK like always. Ron isn't doing this with a non nut draw and what combos is he playing where he flops top 2. If Ron, then fold. If not, then disregard and ship
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