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line check- 1/2 super deep turn trips facing raise from tag

laphonso Posts: 70Subscriber
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
game is a private 10 handed game, 1/2 but plays super deep with unlimited straddles in any position, saturday night, tons of action etc:

all i can say is i feel like i am in the fog lately at the table, bad run of cards, now some bad play creeping in

curious how folks play this

m on a horrific run of cards, sessions, etc--- just took 2 week break on vacation so havent played in the game in a while... almost everyone bought in for 500/600 tonight--- which is somewhat abnormally deep and probably 4500 on the table... my image should be super tag... villian knows i have been running awful and losing a lot of money last few months... we are friends... he is generally tag player, not great, but has been on a heater and told me he won 5k last month, he fears/respects my game and never gets out of line with me, bluffs rarely etc... i have literally played 1 other hand tonight and we are about 1 hour in-lots of 10$/15$ straddles...multiple pots where it is 40 preflop and called in 3 or 4 spots etc

effective stacks 500
I am dealt AQhh utg

I open to 10, villian calls in mp, loose fish calls in lp, fish calls on button,

flop Ad9d6h (pot 40)

I bet 40, villian calls, other folds

Turn As.... (pot 120) I bet 80... villian quickly makes it 180 with 200 behind.... we?

I really honestly can't see him doing this with worse aces basis fact that he fears/respects my game, i cant see him raising frush draws and charging himself more, i think he has zero bluffs in his range, but my hand feels to good to fold?


plan for rivers?


  • reedmylipsreedmylips Posts: 1,146Subscriber
    This spot sucks! Since we are out of position, we can't really control the size of the pot very well, and since it's bloated up so big, that makes it tough.

    Your hand looks very strong to villain, as you've raised pre, bet pot, and then 2/3 pot. His turn raise looks to have no fold equity given your betting, so he should only be doing this with value hands. Would he lol-get-it-in with AJ or AT? 99 or 66 also seem likely, although those hands crush you.

    Grunch. Frown
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