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Pair+oesfd OOP.

5/5 with $10 utg straddle. 7 handed.

V(2500) is nitty, competent PLO player. Has not played many hands tonight. Have played with him a bit before and he's usually very solid, rarely out of line. Earlier in the session I c/r a 433J turn vs him and he folded.

Hero is up about 1200... Won a few hands without showdown, stacked a guy with a river raise with Q6 on Q6265, been caught 2-barrel bluffing, and called down a triple barrel (semi)bluff to win. All in all pretty good image. I feel like I have a pretty good grip on the table and want to play a lot of hands.

PLO game does not run often here, so the lineup is mostly NL players with limited PLO experience.

+1 folds, I open KcQcTd5h to 25. Co calls. Button calls. Sb calls. 4 ways to flop.

Flop(115): Jc Tc 6d.

Sb leads 60. I call. I've recently beat him in a big pot and decide to just call in position. Now button raises to 360. Sb folds. I call.

Turn(895): Kh.

I check, V bets 900.
I call.

River(2695): Jh

I check, v goes all-in. I fold.

Thoughts on any part of the hand welcome.


  • reedmylipsreedmylips Posts: 1,145Subscriber
    I think you played it fine. It sucks bricking out like that. Question, if the river is another king, are you check/folding, check/calling, or leading?
  • reedmylipsreedmylips Posts: 1,145Subscriber
    edited November 2015
    Same question if the river is a 2c. Check/folding, check/calling, or leading?
  • firespitter Posts: 243Subscriber
    If I hit anything I'm jamming river.
  • reedmylipsreedmylips Posts: 1,145Subscriber
    firespitter said:
    If I hit anything I'm jamming river.
    You don't think the NFD or hands with KJ are in this villain's flop raising-turn-potting range?
  • firespitter Posts: 243Subscriber
    edited November 2015
    In his range, yes, but not a big part of his range. Note the K,Q,J,T of clubs are blocked. If I own myself on the river I guess so be it, cause I don't see myself check/folding.

    But that could be an arguement for finding a fold earlier in the hand...
  • High__Rolla Posts: 775Subscriber
    What as the SB's stack size? I would consider raising his weak lead as a semibluff and to try to clean up outs.

    As played, you are deep and OOP against a competent player. When you c/c his flop raise, he will likely read you for a draw, so it may be difficult to get value later if you make a hand. In addition, you only have 8 outs to the nuts, so there is RIO risk if you hit a T or club. So, it may seem nitty, but I don't mind folding the flop.

    OTT, I think his turn bet is usually AQXX, Q9+set, or a set+NFD since the K should hit your flop calling range hard. Would a nitty player barrel full pot with bare JJxx or TTxx and risk getting CRAI? I tend to doubt it. So, I think the turn is a definite fold. There is still the RIO risk and it may be hard to get value if you hit a club OTR.

    OTR, his bet signifies a combo hand like AQJT or a bluff with missed NFD. With your blockers and him being nitty, I highly discount bluff, so I like the fold.
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