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5-10 with trips: confused about best line

JerseyJay Posts: 181Subscriber
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
5-10 game 2k effective. Villain is a decent reg, likely profitable. I have seen him bluff before with air more than once. He is neither loose nor tight, nor particularly aggressive or passive.

Villain makes it 40 in mp, 2 callers, i call from bb w a3cc. Flop is aa9ss. No club. I chck. Is this a better lead? I checked because i didnt think my hand could stand a raise, and the game was fairly aggressive. It checks through. Turn is an offsuit q. I lead for 90, villain calls, rest fold. 340 in pot. River is 2s. I bet 160, villain makes it 400. And im lost.

In reconsidering the hand, i often will lead flop in spots like this, but didnt here. Maybe a lead makes more sense? I also think that given my read, this river is a chk call, rather than a bet fold or bet call. Thanks for your feedback.


  • UntreatableFPS Posts: 1,004Subscriber
    I don't really consider trip aces that big of a hand when you have a bad kicker, because there's still the WA/WB issue which applies a lot more when it's trip aces than when it's trips with a lower card

    I think I would check again on the turn with the intention of C/C and lead river to frequently get looked up by KK/JJ

    And then if the turn also gets checked through, I would make a large bet on the river, which would still frequently get looked up by a high-medium PP

    River is probably a fold. I feel like if he wanted to bluff, he would cbet and keep barreling. Most players who aren't overly creative don't bluff in this way.
  • JerseyJay Posts: 181Subscriber
    I dont consider it a big hand either. Id certainly rather have trip 3s here. Thats why i checked the flop. However, i do have equity in the hand on a flushing board which i would like to protect and get value from. I dont think i can check twice here, but maybe that is the best approach.

    Also, i didnt say this player is not creative. He actually is fairly creative.

    Appreciate the feedback though. I like your line too.

    Separately, i think in this forum we may not be giving our villains enough credit. I actually play against some good players, especially at 5-5 and 5-10. I feel like we are often assuming our opponents are " not capable of x" and phrases like "at these levels" are said quite a bit. its often correct, but i tend to give players at 5-5 or higher the benefit of the doubt unitl they prove themselves to be a poor player, not the reverse.

    Claire, this is totally not aimed at your response. Just came to mind when you mentioned that hes likely not bluffing unless hes overly creative, which i agree with.
  • UntreatableFPS Posts: 1,004Subscriber
    Obviously, I wouldn't always check twice here. But it's not a bad line to disguise your hand against thinking players. And if the turn gets checked through, you can pot the river and get looked up by lots of hands that have showdown value.

    This line just doesn't look like one that 99% of the player pool would take as a bluff. A turn raise would be more suspicious. Even a triple barrel in position would be more suspicious.
  • UntreatableFPS Posts: 1,004Subscriber
    Hmm, I just realized that this would be a very interesting spot for villain to raise with a hand like KK as a merge. If you have a weak A, you might think that he's never bluffing with such a strange line and fold. If you have a Q, maybe you think he's bluffing because his line looks weird and look him up.

    But like I said before, unless you have some crazy leveling thing going on, I don't think your A is good.
  • WackabrewWackabrew Posts: 400Subscriber
    What does your hand look like to Villian? More times than not check/lead/lead is indicative of a strong hand, but the problem is there are many hands that have us crushed here. If he has an Ace its better than A9 (usually), plus villian could have K10ss+/Q10ss+/J10ss all of which picked up tons of equity on the turn (and which I would say is reasonably in villian's PFR range).

    I actually think river is a bet/fold rather than a check/call or a bet/call. I know it seems weak, but what is villian raising here that we beat? I don't often play at higher levels, so obviously you can totally disregard if you think I'm off base here, but river raises are so often the nuts (or close to it), that I don't know if you make a big mastake folding in this type of spot.
  • I'm folding the river. There's three spades, right? I think villain has a flush here a lot. It seems likely he would bet an Ace on the flop, but not always a flush draw. I also think river is just a check/fold with your hand. What are you getting called by that you beat? You beat no other Ace, any flush, weirdly played 99 or QQ. Pocket Kings aren't calling you on the river, either. I think flop check/call is fine. Not so terrible that it checks through and I would just lead on the turn hoping to get looked up by KK, draws, etc. and it's just a bet/fold.
  • aaron Posts: 498Subscriber
    I think the hand is fine as played. The river raise looks like value to me (240 to win 900). The only hands you beat here is TJ. Your hand looks like an A and most villians aren't raising here expecting someone to fold an A. The smallish raise looks like a flush that will fold to a 3bet FH. Unless there is some special dynamic or you have a super tight/scared money image, this is a clear fold. Most villians are betting a flush draw on this board if they raised pre but I can see a delayed cbet a certain % of the time on an AAx board (depends on game dynamic, other opponents in hand, etc.)
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