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1/2 5$ straddle 500 cap. Loose game, chips flying. Hero solid image, even for session. Villan1 laggy reg, tightened up his game recently, less spewy. Villan2 soul crusher. Effective stacks about 420$. Feedback on all streets please. Hero sb, Villan 1 bb, Villan2 Lp. Raised pre by fish to 13$, all call. Hero with a3567r. Call, (pot 78$)thought about raising but just bloating the pot oop, not much fold equity at this table and I like my hand multiway. Flop 2d4d9c. Hero leads for 55$, for value multiway and I want to be aggressor. Two callers, Villan1 and another, Villan 2 raises to 200$. Nld with nfd or set here. Never making this play with a one way hand. Can we ever fold here? Should we raise? I feel like if I raise I can play heads up but if I call I can get some more money in behind me which is appealing if I end up quartered. Hero calls, Villan1 Calls. Rest fold. Ks turn. Do we ever check/fold? Villan2 is never checking this through after the flop raise.


  • Dusty Posts: 233Subscriber
    looks like a check/call or check evaluate on the flop rather than lead. I can't really see folding now, just get it in on the flop since your fairly shallow and hope the V does not have a similar hand w/ FD.
  • BartBart Posts: 5,921AdministratorLeadPro
    I would probably call now. If you are convinced that this is nut flush draw you want people calling behind you with lower flush draws. Also any card below a 9 on the turn gives you a boatload of equity.
  • eyehaityou Posts: 292Member
    Agree leading flop was mistake, unless I'm good enough to bet/fold to heavy aggression. I still think I should be able to fold flop vs this specific Villan here as his had is face up. He either has nld/nfd or has nld/set. Those are the only two hands he can make that move with. He doesn't know I don't have nfd unless he has it, so he's either got it or drawing to beat a flush. And he can't pile into several players without a two way nutted hand. Got it in and got scooped on two boards. Villan1 Ad5dxxx, Villan2 A2233.
    by 1Dusty
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