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3rd nuts with redraw facing heat

AKtion Posts: 15Member
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
First post here,glad to be part of the community.Ex DC subscriber been playing poker mosty recreationally since 1997 in home games, after 2007 online and semi profesionally(i hope) since 2010 when NLH was introduced to Greek casinos, been a reg since then.
On with the hand, vil 2 is kinda bad but not terrible not a lot of info on him , seen him a few times playing here and there but i can safely assume he plays his hole card's straightforward.Vil 2 was a profesional blackjack player which is a reg since the begining, he is definetly a solid player-good handreader but not much above that, i outlevel him when playing my A game but i dont really have a huge edge over him.He sees me as borderline maniac and most of the times he is in station mode, simply stated he will rarely fold against me which actually cost me some money to understand in the past.Embarassed

Blinds €2.00 / €5.00 i have a losing image this session although tbh i doubt anyone noticed.
10 players
Hero is BB with Qc9c: €700.00
Vil 1VIL1 MP1: €185.00
VIL2HJ: €665.00
Hero is BB with

UTG calls €5.00
UTG+1 calls €5.00
VIL1 MP1 calls €5.00
MP2 folds
MP3 folds
VIL2HJ calls €5.00
CO calls €5.00
OTB calls €5.00
SB calls €3.00
BB checks
Pot is €40.00

BB bets €25.00
VIL1 MP1 calls €25.00
VIL2HJ raises to €60.00
BB calls €35.00
VIL1 MP1 raises to €155.00 ALL-IN
VIL2HJ calls €95.00
BB calls €95.00 What do you think about this ??
Pot is €505.00


BB checks
HJ bets €130.00
Pot is €635.00


  • BartBart Posts: 6,077AdministratorLeadPro
    Hey Aktion, welcome to the forums

    The flop is an interesting spot and I think it comes down to how good at poker you think that this blackjack player really is. From your description you seem to indicate that he is just ok and for that reason I rarely every give him credit for fastplaying the flopped nut flush (something a good player would almost always do). Because you have the Qc in your hand he cant have KQ, so if hes not fastplaying Ac Xc that really only leaves hands like Kc ragc and does he overlimp in with these types of hands? I would most likely 3 bet the flop unless you think he is the type that could actually raise fold a small flush.

    Turn wants to make me puke as you can no longer beat JT and sets, hands that are consistent with his line. He also, however, maybe continuing to bet a small flush for protection so at $130 for $635 we only need to be good a little over 1 out of 6 times to call and have it go check check on river. If you call and he shoves the river its awkward because of the stacks and it really comes down to if you think he would bet a smaller flush for value given all of this action in front of him.

  • TDF Posts: 1,130Subscriber
    I would just try to get my money in on the flop. Why are you calling OTF and not raising? I don't think there is need to slowplay here. It's unlikely that they are folding after raising. I just don't see myself ever folding here to blank turn and river so I'd rather get my money in as early as possible until any action killer cards come.
  • AKtion Posts: 15Member
    Well i was indeed beat in this hand but i did take the wrong line.As both bart and TDF stated i should have 3 bet the flop or actually i should have 4 bet the flop vs the HJ.My thinking was i will get future value vs the HJ as i was feeling i was beat by the MP guy but the turn killed my hand as i folded vs his turn bet.For the history the MP guy had Kc7c and the HJ guy had JT.
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