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Folding 2pr on trips/bd flush river

300/1000 at the Bike last night. 3rd-4th orbit, effective stack w/villain about 800.

Villain limps in ep, as he has done several times. Young clean cut dark skinned guy. He does not fold to a single raise pre, seems somewhat sticky and aggro post but no showdowns yet. He does seem to have an awareness of pot size. 2 other limps, sb checks, I check bb with AsTc. Sometimes I'll raise here, just didn't feel like it this time.

Flop (20) JcTs4h, sb checks I bet 15. Villain calls others fold.
Turn (50) Ah, I check villain bets 20, I checkraise to 60 he calls fairly quickly. Definitely not a tank call.
River(170) Jh. I check he bets 55, fold.

Flop, my image was pretty tight and I thought the only hands that would call me are Jx, KQ, 98, maybe some gutshots w/bd flush draws.

Turn, his sizing feels like a weakish J and he's just betting because I checked. I don't know if my checkraise is good, I don't know any Jx that can call except JT (which is not likely given his small bet) or something that's picked up backdoor hearts--QJh, QTh, etc.

River I don't think I can get anything worse to call if I bet. It is an interesting card bc it rules out all his Jxh hands on the turn. So if he doesn't have a J, can he have anything other than a flush here? Bet sizing feels too small to be a bluff.


  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber

    I pretty much dont like your line here at all. In a multi way pot I think with 5 players in this hand your bet on the flop isnt likely to get through.. So did you think your T was good? I am curious your reasons for just leading this way.

    Then when you hit two pair on the turn you check and then raise? I think this is an overplay. One of the most likely drawing hands on this flop is KQ and with all the limpers I can see someone calling your flop bet with this hand alot. If you lead the flop with only second pair... why are you not leading again with aces up? After you check raise he calls again so what do you think he is calling with now? Do you feel like you got more information?

    Considering he didnt reraise you I think he is likely to have something like KJ or QJ now.. pair and straight draw.. or A Q if you have seen him limp with brodway aces.. Back door flush also came on turn so he might even have hearts..

    River is a rather bad card.. counterfeits you and puts the back door flush on board.. If he has the flush its probably KThh, QThh, T9 hh but something with a T in it..I like your river play the most.. I dont think he is betting here with anything less than J or a flush.. and its looks like its for value too.

  • TDF Posts: 1,130Subscriber
    I like lead on the flop. ww, If you check, do you c/c or c/f? c/f I think a bit too weak. And if you c/c I think lead is better. When you c/c you play against stronger range then if you lead and got called cause weaker T, and straight draws may not bet but will call your lead.
    I don't like turn c/r. Why did you go for c/r instead of leading again?
  • whatsyourplay? Posts: 752Member
    I don't mind the flop lead either, but I am check-calling the turn. I think check-raising is almost overplaying your hand.
    Also, since there are a lot of bad river cards, it's not a great idea to bloat the pot and then have to fold at a later street.

    As played, I agree that the river is a fold.
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