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2/5 - Hero call river?

Hero is on his second orbit at the table and is sitting at 500. Don't think anyone has reads on me as I'm taking my first shot at 2/5 and haven't really played with these guys before. however hero is young 20s white male.

V is 30-40 white male who seems loose from what i can tell. does a lot of limp calling pre and the one or two hands he SD where kinda garbage. covers

One hand i saw him SD he over-limped the BTN with A8o and bet 15 into a pot of 65 on an AQ5 flop. Got called twice. bet 25 into ~110 on a brick and bet 35 into ~160 on a brick.
8 handed.

Overall would calling him loose/bad. Maybe slightly passive.

8 Handed

Hero opens to 20 UTG+1 66. V calls from HJ. rest fold. Assume V's pre flop range to be pretty wide here.

Flop 40 - 934ss. (9 is a spade) Hero cbets 30 and V calls. (I usually have the best hand and can get value here from draws and worse pairs)

Turn 100 - Qh. Hero checks and V bets 60. Hero calls. (V can have some floats and draws here still, also expect him to x/b 9x some percent of the time so besides the random Q think we are good a lot.)

River 260 - 9c. Hero checks and V bets 120. Hero?

(I can defiantly have a lot of 9x here so i think V checks back all Qx. He has flopped sets and 9x here but thats really it imo. Even maybe not 9x as that may of x/b turn. All the draws missed, my hand looks fairly weak and there just isn't that much value in Vs range.) I also think this bet polarizes this player. Even tho its <1/2 pot based on his bet sizing in the pervious hand think he may go smaller with his Qx or just check those back.

Small live read. Hero asks if V has a 9, V kinda half smiles/smirks and doesn't answer. Didn't seem like a super genuine smile but I'm new to live poker so hard for me to know.


  • Dab44 Posts: 408Subscriber
    He is passive as u said.. He is probably not much of a bluffed. However, this looks like a good spot to hero. Two 9's on the board makes it less likely he has one. Also,he probably isn't betting a 9 on the turn and very unlikely he is value betting Qxss..
    It's a good spot to hero....its a call with a high frequency in this situation
  • TeamNOsleepTeamNOsleep Posts: 153Subscriber
    Player dependent. Seems like these guys always get there with a 9. Stacks are not the best for bet folding a q. Doubt he understands that
  • ZambrotAZambrotA Posts: 372Subscriber
    Player dependent but likes a GREAT spot to hero call.
    I would 2nd barrel turn a high % of the time by the way.
    The 9 on the river is what makea it looking so good to call.
    His speech in my personal opinion is more likely to be weakness than strength, with a nine he would be quite and value betting a Q is unlikely here if he is not decent player.
    66 here is almost the same than JJ.
    Keep It Up!!
  • afiguy357 Posts: 99Subscriber
    Based on the A8 hand you saw we can draw a lot of conclusions about his game.

    He is totally level one. "Oh look, an ace, on the button no less!! Let's see the flop"

    His bet sizing is probably directly correlated to his hand strength. He had a weakish hand with A8, so he was betting weakish.

    More evidence he is level one is that he bet all three streets.

    He probably rarely bluffs because he's a middle aged white guy, they don't bluff. He didn't even raise Ax otb so he isn't aggressive at all.

    I like your cbet because we can get value from draws, but weaker pairs is pretty optimistic. Also, making QT fold the flop is good because he's not gonna call with Q high, and he's probably not gonna bluff either so denying hands like that to realize their equity is good.

    I'm probably barreling the turn to make life 77,88 fold, get value from draws and so on.

    Your thinking really breaks down when you start saying he could have floats (lol no) and I could have a lot of 9x blah blah blah.

    This guy has given you no reason yo think he is capable of these kinds of plays. Not only that, there is evidence he is incapable.

    Once you check the turn, it's to check fold.
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