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Preflop hand reading in a nitty game

dontfeedthenits Posts: 396Subscriber
edited December 2015 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
$3-5 500 cap game.

Weekday game. Table is all OMCs except hero and V1. Hero is 20 something white guy and has been LAGing it up for the last hour, but is about break even, has a loose aggressive image.

V1 is mid 30s white guy who appears to be a total nit. Plays *very* few hands. Never seen him bluff in 4 hours. I'm guessing he was a slight winner at 1-3 following the 'tight is right' handbook, and is now a slight loser at 3-5.

V2 is OMC who is probably 2nd loosest player at the table (hero is loosest). Did see him show bluffs twice in the last couple hours (though it they were just a loose preflop raise plus a continuation bet, I think he just got bored). Even though he's '2nd loosest', would still describe him as tight.

Both villains are inclined to make folding errors (not calling errors).

utg + 1 limps
Hero raises to $25 in MP2 with K Q
V1 (mid 30s nit) min raises on button to $50.
V2 (OMC) hesitantly calls in small blind
big blind folds
utg +1 folds.

1. What ranges can we assign these nits? :)
2. What's hero's play?


  • tensor0910 Posts: 123Subscriber
    Nit min raises OTB.....I'm giving him credit and folding for a few reasons:

    He's a basic player he's probably not trying to level you and min raise to rep
    strength, more likely for value.

    He doesn't play very many hands.

    If you do call you're OOP and even if u do hit the flop, it's hard to say where you're at.

    OMC likely sitting on a pp looking to setmine
  • workinghard Posts: 1,565Subscriber
    The min raise is at worst AK and probably AA. Probably best to fold unless you intend to fold if you don't hit 2 pair plus. Also, opening to 20 or maybe 15 is better in this game given player dynamic
  • dontfeedthenits Posts: 396Subscriber
    edited December 2015
    Note: I was raising over one limper. Though I wonder if $20 is better anyway...

    You guys are both correct. Nit had AA, OMC had 99. :)

    Hero called and flopped top two and got it in OTF against AA, but was wondering if fold pre is correct since effective stacks are only $500...

  • FreeLunch Posts: 1,308Pro
    Fold pre is right against most that fit your description. Not only do you not flop 2pr enough - you more often flop draws that get you in more trouble.

    There is a specific version of this villain I might sometimes call against but I have to know them well. Its the guys that min raise AA, call with KK, over-bet JJ and minraise 77-10. It hurts my head to even describe that strat- but its not all that uncommon. Even against them I fold out of position more often then not unless its deeper or I have some other live reason.
  • pocketzeroes Posts: 174Subscriber
    When I start lagging it up, sometimes the nits start 3betting me wide and small (maybe I raise to $20, they'll make it $50 with AJ). Somehow I've gotten a sense for when they're doing this as I have been rather successful with 4bet bluffs, but in a vacuum 4bet bluffing is probably really bad.
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