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BIGO proper VPIP????

I know this depends on a lot of factors. Let's assume on avg 4 people are seeing the flop each hand in the game. Feel free to add dynamics that should increase or decrease the VPIP. Does being short vs deep change anything? Just looking for some thoughts from others to help sharpen my own


  • eyehaityou Posts: 292Member
    My main games are 1/1 300 cap and 1/2 500 cap. In the bigger games I play like a nit mostly.

    I personally play looser with 60-120bb stack, and tighten my game as stack increases to protect it. With less behind the game is so much easier to play turn/river as your SPR is so low and calling off with NL/two pair range hands is easy as cost of being 3/4 is low. At 250bb plus I play much tighter pre because I don't want to be put in tough spots with marginal hands.

    So at 60bb Ill open my button with almost any A2xxx at 200bb I'm not opening without a backup low, suited A, and connecting cards or pair, As24JTs ect.

    At 60bb I may fold 30%, limp 50%, and open 20%. my biggest winning sessions are when I can see cheap flops vs passive Villans and the only raises pre are mine. Lag heaven. With active Villans I'm forced into tag mode.
    At 200+bb I'm very rarely limping a hand I'm not planning to three bet, or call a raise with and my one way hands AKKQJ ect are almost none.
    Alot of my play is Villan based at my regular games. Couple Omc, fish, regs. Why float with a straight flush draw or top set on a flush board if Omc isn't going to pay me off? Why play a marginal hand vs calling station if I'm never able to bluff if I need to?
    If your new to the game the tighter pre flop you play the better. Nutted two way hands are where you want to be. By the time Villans adjust to you being nitty you can have some experience and open it up a bit. I'm defently not the best player but my pool is pretty tough and I've been playing bigo for years.

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