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$500 pre flop pot with AQo - HELP!

Parx 2-5 1000 buyin.

UTG (V1) makes it $35. This is his standard open raise. Don't read anything into the amount. He's playing probably 25/15. Older white guy.
UTG +1 (V2) calls. Young white kid, playing too many hands and chasing too many draws. He's the spot in the game. Playing 30/5.
UTG +2 (V3) calls. Young asian kid. Has only sat down in the last few orbits, been playing 30/20. Could be overally agressive, could have just been on a heater. Checked raised me earlier on the turn in a hand where I tried pushing 66 on A99x board by betting flop and turn when I was the PFR. So he's not afraid to play.
UTG +3 hero looks down at A Q . Makes it $125. I believe I'm ahead of at least 2/3 players, looking to take the pot down now or play heads up in position.

V1 calls.
V2 calls.
V3 calls.


$500 in the pot.


3 8 9

V1 checks.

V2 goes all in for his last $108.

V3 calls the $108.


Call? Getting 7-1? And then V1 calls, and then we've got $800 in the pot with 3 live players all left with 1K stacks with just 2 overs, not even sure if we're happy if an A comes because we're toast if anyone has AK?

Shove huge to get V1 and V3 to fold, which effectively makes it the same as the call but I've got it heads up and frozen the action?

Fold because discretion is the better part of valor?


  • Arenzano Posts: 1,391Subscriber
    Just fold.
  • TeamNOsleepTeamNOsleep Posts: 153Subscriber
    So v2 flatted more then 1/2 his stack preflop lol. Typical
  • chilidog Posts: 2,427Subscriber
    If you're gonna raise pre, raise more in such a multiway pot.
    As played, I probably fold without any hearts in our hand.
  • dontfeedthenits Posts: 396Subscriber
    edited December 2015
    haha such a shitty spot!

    I'm flatting this pre... 3 betting with AQo seems bad due to short stack caller plus raiser being UTG.

    As played I'm going to go against the grain and say call flop. I think if you hit an ace or a queen you're good more often than not, and you might even have the best hand now. You're getting 7/1, you don't need to win that often!

    Do you think you'll win this more than 14% of the time if you call? I do...

    The all in player will slow everyone down, it may very well get checked down after you call.
  • GuccGucc Posts: 17Subscriber
    If somebody's actually playing 25/15 and is positionally aware, that translates to like 8% raising range UTG at a 9max, which AQo is actually a dog versus, mostly due to all the AK combos. You're basically saying this guy's strategy is to play tight and bomb it, so what's the point in going after him with a medium strength hand? If we get 4bet, we've just burned 25bb without seeing a flop with a hand that flops well, not to mention somebody on the back 9 could easily wake up with a big hand. Besides, this size is almost never getting through here, resulting usually in terrible spots like these.

    I think the thing to keep in mind is that you're dealing with 2-5 blinds. A measly $7 pot preflop.
    Checked raised me earlier on the turn in a hand where I tried pushing 66 on A99x board by betting flop and turn when I was the PFR. So he's not afraid to play.
    Double barreling 66 here is more or less torching money.

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